Fear Unlimited 2 Issue 1

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UPDATE - I fixed the mission 2 glitch. Sorry bout that. the tutorial was last minute add on and my beta tester must have missed it (he probably skipped the tutorial with rightclicking) i canceled right clicking on the final version tho :P Hope i dont get blammed cause of that.

Throwing this out there right now. The other 3 Issues will be made if this game does well enough.

The game is scaled down to fit NG standards Sorry. Its high Quality Version will be on ArmorGames soon

This is TRIBUTING Capcoms Devil May Cry. Me trying to bring its game style to flash. This is not me claiming the ideas they had as my own. I am not saying i can compare to them either. BUT what i am saying is that their series DMC and Resident evil are Great.

Again. If you wanna see Issues 2, 3 and the finale- 4 released This game has to succeed first.

The first thing id like to say is thanks to the people who did help. And Fuck you to all the ones who ditched me without a single word of resignition.

I hope you all enjoy this game.

PS if you want tips on how to deal with, and bust lag, look at one of the many thorough tutorials

This Game is told by Ebony's perspective. Though you dont see her much in this issue. She Is watching carefully.

This game is Huge, And if you find glitches. Please report them and dont simply click the Blam button.

Need Help getting to the next mission?
http://forum.phrozenflame .com/index.php?showtopic=



Sorry but that was pretty boring and had like no appeal to it! WAy too much info about amulets and shit for an online game. Gotta fix those glitches too.

Holy Disappointment Batman!

Sorry to say that this sequel (actually a prequel) turned out to be a bigger disappointment than Sonic the Hedghog 06'. Perhaps that statement was a harsh exageration but it still was a disappointment. I was looking forward to fear Unlimited 2 but it just didn't work. I'll get the cons out of the way first. GLITCHES! Glitches up the wazoo I say! Mission three was a wall-jump and acrobatics mission proved to have the most painfully flawed control mechanics I've come to see. It's a pain getting up the cliff and then you're greeted by Mr. Random buzz saw. You're then obligated to swing jump onto chains and other platforms of the like. HORRENDOUS! Next the combat. I enjoyed the additions of hand-to-hand but that is only accessible by throwing your sword out in front of you! Which I may add is a little ineffective at moments. Plus it takes its good time returning to you. Whence in your nearly non-optional hand-to-hand mode your aerial attack is atrocious! You won't be able to hit anybody! The sword's aerial combat is nearly inexistant for you can no longer juggle the enemy(s) in the air with one jump but you just come down to the ground in a single attack. It may sound like an improvement but it's NOT! Double-jumping was the ultimate killer for the button press was just TOO SENSATIVE! Wall jumps seem uneccessary. The guns are still useful and more effective this time around which I LOVED! One last con is the DIFFICULTY! Even on normal you die too easily. I don't even want to think what the Impossible difficulty will do to you (as if the glitches weren't imossible enough). Now for the pros.........new faces, improved artwork, more challenging (but may be too much as said before), new weapons, new foes, and you can do....backflips. I say stick to Fear Unlimated 1. It proved it's weight in gold. I know Newgrounds says not be a complete A-hole when reviewing but some justices have to be corrected. Donovan you are a stupendous flash programmer. I know it. Please don't rush a great series like this. Put more time in it and it WILL pay off. If you're thinking you put A WHOLE LOT O' TIME in this it isn't enough. Trust us, we can wait as long as it takes.

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everytime i play i always get glitched and i cant move at first i just start floating then i stop moving completely other than that its an alright game

i'm not being a bitch right now but,

it's to many glithes it's impossable to get pass level 1,even on easy.to many glithes!sometimeswhen the game start he some how go though the floor,i'm shooting with a shotgun & the enemy went back then i waited to shoot him when he came close he lift his sword then i shot him but he hit me after i shot him.i mean he didn't went back like he always does after i shoot him with the shotgun,he just killed me with 1 hit.it wasn't on impossable ether.also another glith is when i killed someone he didn't die.fix these bugs please.

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Awesome, but literally unbeatable.

I love this game. I love nearly everything about it. I was gonna be willing to forgive the ever so numerous glitches, but the fact that you can't beat it just kills it. The level 6 boss, when you beat him, the focus of the camera changes to him, you fall off, and nothing happens. All 5 times I've beaten him now and the same results. Unacceptable.

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Nov 20, 2007
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