Fear Unlimited 2 Issue 1

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UPDATE - I fixed the mission 2 glitch. Sorry bout that. the tutorial was last minute add on and my beta tester must have missed it (he probably skipped the tutorial with rightclicking) i canceled right clicking on the final version tho :P Hope i dont get blammed cause of that.

Throwing this out there right now. The other 3 Issues will be made if this game does well enough.

The game is scaled down to fit NG standards Sorry. Its high Quality Version will be on ArmorGames soon

This is TRIBUTING Capcoms Devil May Cry. Me trying to bring its game style to flash. This is not me claiming the ideas they had as my own. I am not saying i can compare to them either. BUT what i am saying is that their series DMC and Resident evil are Great.

Again. If you wanna see Issues 2, 3 and the finale- 4 released This game has to succeed first.

The first thing id like to say is thanks to the people who did help. And Fuck you to all the ones who ditched me without a single word of resignition.

I hope you all enjoy this game.

PS if you want tips on how to deal with, and bust lag, look at one of the many thorough tutorials

This Game is told by Ebony's perspective. Though you dont see her much in this issue. She Is watching carefully.

This game is Huge, And if you find glitches. Please report them and dont simply click the Blam button.

Need Help getting to the next mission?
http://forum.phrozenflame .com/index.php?showtopic=



You put to much effort towards this game. FU 1 I played ages ago and remembered it being great but I'm kinda upset to see the sequal wasn't so great. Anyway I thought it was great that you expanded the game so its not just constant slaugther non-stop.


i can see that this is a straight rip off of devil may cry. but still its a nice game

Devil May Cry-The Re-Do

This game is ok...but...it's Devil May Cry for the computer.....but instead of it being cool...it's got no style, it's VERY slow, and the glitches make the game VERY VERY disappointing. In the second mission, there was a glitch, that ended the game. I jumped up the trees, and disappeared, in trying to come back down. te game glitched and i died.
SORRY it wasnt that good.

I'm sure it's a good game and all...

...but there are so many things that just piss me off! Health bar should not disappear in the fucking middle of a fucking fight! Orbs disappear pretty quick (not a problem if your fast enough). Enemies popping up were you're standing (again not a problem if fast enough but still annoying). First boss keeps wiping the floor with my ass (I'm just frustrated about this because there's a glitch where he disappears and you can't hurt him). Why the hell should enemies be able to repeatedly block attacks when you can't? And the fucking help page won't open!


this game is fucking epic,nuff said.i want u to make a number 2,3,and 4 plz.your games rock!. 10/10 the graphics are sweet ,story is intense,and i am totally addicted!. this game gets epic win.

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4.13 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2007
6:49 PM EST
Action - Other
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