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FlashMan's Realm 25%done

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Author Comments

Um what do you mean by that WhiteWindow, if ur so good whit flash why dont u make ur own flash movie.


why care about spelling?

As a person who has written five books, I'll tell ya'll that ya shouldn't make such a big deal about spelling. Yu cann still tel wat Imm trieing to saye.
Language is about communication, not technicalities and details. I could understand what the animation was trying to say just fine and that's what's important... on the other hand, I must admit I use a spellcheck myself cuz it takes like 10 seconds... I just find it funny that that's everybody's beef with it.
but at the same time, the animation wasn't very creative or original.

Sorlag responds:

Well im very impressed with myself :) just found my account again.

Spell Check

Two words man, spell check.

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rather strange, but it should've been finished, or made into a trailer.

one piece of advice...

followed by many others, first, learn to spell!!!!!! Secondly why the fuck was that guy just walking around in the "icy level" I really have no idea why these stupid robots want to kill megaman, and maybe, you people should make your OWN characters instead of stealing ones, hmmm... what a concept. If youre going to steal characters at least use the goddamn spell-check button, and make it good, not some stupid rip-off. Yeah, I'm done now.

Sorlag responds:

I agree, thats why i never continued this one :P poor recolors are enoying.. thats why me and mortalmaxx continued the flashmanX seris :P we have removed all old copyed sprites whit originales

You must be mistaken

The script was a little weak. Partly because of the script, partly because of the poor spelling and grammar.It was interesting. The idea of killing Mega Man's enemies so MEgaman can't get stronger is a funny idea. I liked it but there were too amny little mistakes.

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Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2002
11:52 PM EST