Kiss Britney Spears Game!

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Use your charm and cunning to win the heart of beautiful pop songstress Britney Spears! She might even KISS YOU!


I like Britney Spears I won't deny. However this game is pretty mediocre. It's exciting for five seconds probably wasn't any different in 2000. Every choice you make results in Britney accepting you and kissing you. No real difficulty and it feels too short. Not to mention how hilariously bad the art looks. If you want to play a hilariously bad game than this is the one. If you want to play a actual good game don't waste your time on this.

A basic game of Britney Spears kissing. At least, she was better looking back then.

i like it lol,
but i don't like the noisy voice!

Wow, remember when Britney Spears was attractive? :o

I like the low budget thing going on here, it's hilariously bad. I wish the player had more options on what to say and a longer conversation because honestly that's one of the funnier parts of it. "Press face to screen" was hilarious. Ten years from now when little kids can design games with kits that look professional, no one will understand the beauty of these bullshit games.

Points off for the amount of looping done to the kissing sound effect and lack of presentation - did the text have to pop up on the guy's screen? It could have been centered at the bottom like normal subtitles.

1 word: YUCK!

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1.04 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2000
5:55 AM EDT
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