50 Frames Collab 2

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Without furthur ado. I withhold to you the 50 frames collab 2. This has been delayed greatly but is now here on the glorious sunday.

The 50 frames collab is a challenge to see how creative an artist can be. Every person is given only 50 frames to animate.



sum of th funniest clips and coolest music ever!cant wait 4 part3

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Slighty to far.

Every flash has a threshold where you wanna' just go to the end of the submission, finish it. Specifically with this flash, that point is reached, compared to before where that point was not reached. I suppose it really has the same problems as before, sure the overall scheme is nice, but the individual parts seemed lackluster at best. For examlpe, that Kitty crew person really felt out of place, and it hurt this submission. I did like the neat menu though, nice work on that. Overall, well what can I say, don't make another one? At this point I am kinda tired out on this type of submission, that or make is a bit shorter next time.

That was great!

I love these short snippit collabs!

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Two problems

Great film but there are two very small problems. The first is that one of the films with a frame counter has 51. It counts to 50 and then goes back to 1. Another, more obvious problem is the music. When it goes on to the credits it very suddenly changes which does not sound good. Please make sure you leave out these problems in 50fc3. 5*

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Not bad....

I think we see that there are a large amount of animators out there with a lot of talent and creativity. I would like to be that, but my artistic ability isn't that good..... so I simply critisize other people's work (lol). Good job guys.

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3.75 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2007
3:35 PM EST
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