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Bad Start 5 Points

Get a garbage whistle from the start

Flag 5 Points

You blew your whistle!

Game Over 5 Points

M-Bot is disappointed

Vote 5 Points

You voted on a flash!

Sad Times 10 Points

You didn't make the grade

Promotion 25 Points

Now you're a review mod!

Complete 50 Points

You have finished the game, good work

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: This game is not based on how moderation goes because I don't really know what happens. It also isn't very accurate in many ways, I just made it for fun and such so don't take it seriously.
Flag your way to review moderator and then take control of the reviews that are flagged, don't let M-Bot down though and make sure you don't ruin your chances in the flagging stages, a garbage whistle will mean no modship for you.
There are hidden names you can use, some are mentioned in parts of the flash, so be sure to look, but here's one I haven't mentioned in the flash, try using the name "Lordbling" if you get bored. In this, I did add 4 flash animations, that isn't the main point to this though, so don't expect them to be quality. If this turns out to be populare, I will look to add some more reviews to it so they are more random and increase replay value.

Please leave a review, I respond to all :)



Great game, Very realistic

This is a good simulator for people who need practise flagging reviews. You had a really smart idea here. If you plan on making a sequal I suggest you get some lower quality music so you have more room for more content in the game.

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Little-Rena responds:

That's a good idea but I wanted to have some nice music to go with it, I'll work on that though, could have used music that isn't in the audio portal but that's not supporting the audio portal too well, lol. Thanks for the review though :)

Interest game

Alright, being that I'm actually a review mod, I would think that this would be a breeze.

The first was part of the flagging was for the most part accurate. As well as voting for the flashes to anyone who doesn't know (0, then 2-5, then whistle).

As for the actual being a review mod part, some the correct answers you had are actually wrong if they were real reviews.

1. The bots don't make reviews lol.
2. Think you might of forgot part in the rules that "reviews that offer no benefit to the author maybe deleted" Of course, that statement is sometimes more subjective (opinionated) rather than objective (based on facts). They could warrant bans also for the degree of unhelpfullness too.

I was pressing ban for some users, and my review mod stat went down. For instance, someone questioning front page. Might want to critique that a little more. And any reason why some people couldn't be banned? Also, why didn't you add any chain mail or links promting outside, unrelated websites? Hell, while I'm trying this review now i see that in nice red letters at the bottom. Surely u couldn't of forgotten that :)

Overall, solid attempt, just lacking in details. Which I guess u wouldn't know if unless u were actually one lol. So...


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Little-Rena responds:

I put bot names as reviewers just for humour, lol, none of those names are to be taken serious, hopefully didn't hit on any real names either. I forgot the rule of talking 1337 in the FAQ part of this too, maybe though, I tried to make the pointless ones look like spam reviews.

As for bans, I don't really know too much, it's all guessing for me since I have no idea what a review mod actually judges, the bans where more like a bonus or a heavy penalty, I didn't want to inculde them in all of the reviews otherwise it would be a little too easy. I was going to do a promoting one but I totally forgot same with the chain reviews, I might add them at a later date. The link was on my mind when I was finishing off but then slipped away.

And yeah, all of the review moderation part is just guess work, I made the best attempt I could at it, hopefully it isn't that bad :P

Thanks for the review.


I liked it, it was simple and it good music and i liked the addition of the animations. Some audio would be nice, but that would be weird i guess. To harry738-7446, i would say to delete that review because it would have no constructive criticism (Not his, but in game). The second was most likely a glitch. I happened to get a good score, i got over 100 points on my first try. All i can say is, it was kind of just.... Simple? I think that would be it, but it was still a nice idea and i enjoyed playing it.

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Little-Rena responds:

Yeah, simple is all that seems to be possible.

Very good game, i wasn't very aware about reviewing on newgrounds (i don't leave a lot of reviews anyway).
I always encounter a glitch at a certain point of the game : after deleting or clearing the 5th review after being a mod, my review mod score always change to be equal to my overall score, even if it's higher or lower.

By the way, does anybody knows how to get the two last secret medals ? I can't find a clue.

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This is a good teaching game. You can learn all about reviewing. The controls were good. The medals work. I earned them all. Keep up the good work.

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Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2007
4:16 PM EST
Simulation - Other