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Sad Times 10 Points

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Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: This game is not based on how moderation goes because I don't really know what happens. It also isn't very accurate in many ways, I just made it for fun and such so don't take it seriously.
Flag your way to review moderator and then take control of the reviews that are flagged, don't let M-Bot down though and make sure you don't ruin your chances in the flagging stages, a garbage whistle will mean no modship for you.
There are hidden names you can use, some are mentioned in parts of the flash, so be sure to look, but here's one I haven't mentioned in the flash, try using the name "Lordbling" if you get bored. In this, I did add 4 flash animations, that isn't the main point to this though, so don't expect them to be quality. If this turns out to be populare, I will look to add some more reviews to it so they are more random and increase replay value.

Please leave a review, I respond to all :)




752!!!! this game kicks asses!!!! kep teh god work

Little-Rena responds:

Okay thanks!


I got a score of 1337! Am i wadefulp? I love these type of games.

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Little-Rena responds:

Are you WadeFulp? Lol, thanks :)

I ruled 1337

I got 475 I AM WADE FULP!!!

Little-Rena responds:


lol great

That was just an awesome game 10/10 for me

Little-Rena responds:

Well thankyou.


It's an alright game. Here's what I think about it:

1. Sound: Nice selection of music but I didn't see a volume bar or play/pause buttons.
2. I liked the objective of the game. It's good for new users so they don't go on flagging useful/good reviews and messing up their whistle. It's also useful for experienced users having doubts on some reviews.

1. Preloader takes to long to appear. People might think that the movie is "stuck" so you should fix it and make it appear faster.
2. I found a bug while playing. After I reach mod status, I flagged/passed some reviews normally and all of a sudden, my mod score goes down. I'm sure the review was not abusive so why the - mod points?
3. No audio play/pause buttons or volume bar. I suggest you add some of those.
4. I didn't like the short movies much but I guess they where there just as an example. Al tho I don't see how the one with the Fergie song could count as "Passable"

That's all. The game is quite addicting. Anyways, I really hope to see some audio buttons or a volume bar. That's all. Great job.

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Little-Rena responds:

There is a mute button in the lower left, I'll stick in a volume bar next time though, it might be easier for me to work out.

The preloader, yeah I know, I hope I can fix that in the second version. As for the review score, you might have miss read the review, I did hide words in some abusive ones like "stolen" or "shouldn't have passed" within a paragraph to throw some people.

There is a mute button, that one I don't know, couldn't really ask for a great deal, though probably next time it will have better flash and a smaller filesize :)

Thanks for the review.

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Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2007
4:16 PM EST
Simulation - Other