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Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: This game is not based on how moderation goes because I don't really know what happens. It also isn't very accurate in many ways, I just made it for fun and such so don't take it seriously.
Flag your way to review moderator and then take control of the reviews that are flagged, don't let M-Bot down though and make sure you don't ruin your chances in the flagging stages, a garbage whistle will mean no modship for you.
There are hidden names you can use, some are mentioned in parts of the flash, so be sure to look, but here's one I haven't mentioned in the flash, try using the name "Lordbling" if you get bored. In this, I did add 4 flash animations, that isn't the main point to this though, so don't expect them to be quality. If this turns out to be populare, I will look to add some more reviews to it so they are more random and increase replay value.

Please leave a review, I respond to all :)



Great game

Its a start on a great idea of a game
I love how its kind of like how it would be as a mod or a flagger

If you wanted to make this better, ill put some pros and cons

* I liked the graphics, they stood out at me and really resembled the actual site
* I like the audio because its just catchy tunes
* I somewhat liked the mini flash videos you put on here, but they aren't totally family friendly, the one with the MALE GENITALIA didn't go to great with my dad lol...
* Everything went smoothly, and it had a decent loading time


* Some of the mini flash videos weren't family friendly
* The length of the game wasn't too impressive, if i was you i would add a few different things like
^more movies
^different options
^more variety of reviews

this was a great game... for what it is. you dont see that many games out there with this type of plot and you dont really see games around here with that much effort to the graphics (relating to this genre)

other than that one video with the MALE GENITALIA everything went fine with me and i give this an 8 OUTTA 10

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Little-Rena responds:

Well it's what you get around this site anyway, lol, I fixed the rating of the flash though so it says Mild Nudity. I would have had more movies in the flash but filesize was a problem, maybe I can make it better in that sense in another version or somesuch. Eitherway, thanks for the review.


Good game. now when everyone reviews you they are going to be as professional as possible. haha good stuff.

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Little-Rena responds:

If only ;)

This would be pretty ironic...

If it would have abusive reviews in its reviews. Anyway, this would have been good when I was a n00b/normal whistle, I still got some of them wrong though.

You should make a sequal and add these things :
-More reviews.
-"Lifelines", ie. You could click on a button to know what the whistle thread ppl thinks about it.

Also, at what # of view will you add more reviews?

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Little-Rena responds:

More reviews I will just add when I feel a little bored and need something to do, gets quite hard to make up reviews after a while. As for lifelines, eh I don't know, that might make it a little too easy in someways.

Great game, Very realistic

This is a good simulator for people who need practise flagging reviews. You had a really smart idea here. If you plan on making a sequal I suggest you get some lower quality music so you have more room for more content in the game.

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Little-Rena responds:

That's a good idea but I wanted to have some nice music to go with it, I'll work on that though, could have used music that isn't in the audio portal but that's not supporting the audio portal too well, lol. Thanks for the review though :)

That's it?

It took me more loading the game ......

Little-Rena responds:

You didn't learn much from this did you? :3

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Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2007
4:16 PM EST
Simulation - Other