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This was a fucking bitch to make. I was delaying it for so long and now I actually managed to finish it! Whooo! =D

Anyway, just for a teaser, here are some of the members who took part in my project:

Gagsy, AliceTheDroog, MrFinland, Lost-Chances, Black-Ops, TheRadicalOne, Idiot-Finder, StuffedLizard, Wyattfilms, Hektur, Xtesh, sQueef, McJesus, Alfie and loads more that I can't be bothered naming.

If you remember the BETA version of this that I submitted a while ago, then you'll remember that I had a go at trying to draw what I think people are like from their descriptions and that was the original idea of this project. Now, I just don't know where I went with this. Gah.

Enjoy, if you can. =)

Please tell me of any glitches if there is any. =o

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I am carbonwater.
I am a human male
I am awesome

I lol'd

The hell man

I aint there FOO!!!!

Mechabloby responds:

because you weren't around when the thread was made, you ignoranous

Pretty cool

One of the best things were I didn't notice any glitches. Nice work. If there is another one, can I be in it?

Mechabloby responds:

if i make a thread and you post in it with the requirements, then sure

You forgot me :(

I thought we had something special :(

Thanks for the add there!

Happy I was in, I forgot to check back in that thread.

Overall though, I liked it. :D

Mechabloby responds:

Glad you managed to see it in the end and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D