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This was a fucking bitch to make. I was delaying it for so long and now I actually managed to finish it! Whooo! =D

Anyway, just for a teaser, here are some of the members who took part in my project:

Gagsy, AliceTheDroog, MrFinland, Lost-Chances, Black-Ops, TheRadicalOne, Idiot-Finder, StuffedLizard, Wyattfilms, Hektur, Xtesh, sQueef, McJesus, Alfie and loads more that I can't be bothered naming.

If you remember the BETA version of this that I submitted a while ago, then you'll remember that I had a go at trying to draw what I think people are like from their descriptions and that was the original idea of this project. Now, I just don't know where I went with this. Gah.

Enjoy, if you can. =)

Please tell me of any glitches if there is any. =o



I am carbonwater.
I am a human male
I am awesome

I lol'd

The hell man

I aint there FOO!!!!

Mechabloby responds:

because you weren't around when the thread was made, you ignoranous

Pretty cool

One of the best things were I didn't notice any glitches. Nice work. If there is another one, can I be in it?

Mechabloby responds:

if i make a thread and you post in it with the requirements, then sure

You forgot me :(

I thought we had something special :(

hey thats

you left me out of it.Oh well.Have fun maing another one.

Mechabloby responds:

You weren't in it because this was originally a threadin the general forum on the BBS where people posted information and stuff about themselves and I'd throw them into this. If you do want in on the next one (if I make a next one), try to keep an eye out for the topic.

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Nov 17, 2007
12:50 PM EST
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