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*** UPDATE TO 1.6.5 ***
Corrected the awful bug that screwed up with saves.
Unfortunately old version saves are useless with this one... I am truly sorry.

As always: Play it and keep voting/reviewing, As you can see I respond to everyone, and often follow your suggestions. Thank you everyone!!!

*** MAJOR UPDATE - V.1.6 ***
Wow! Frontpage!
I worked on the game to update it with some new features. I think it's a good way to celebrate!
Here is a list of what changed:
(They are quite a few things... your old saves will not work with the new version. Sorry!)

*** In the menu where you distribute your points, added some useful hints explaining what the abilities do. (Also changed the position of some buttons)
*** Added Charisma: a Skill that slows down crowd enthusiasm diminishment. If it increased combos effectiveness, it would have been too easy to reach the Maximum... hope it suffices.
*** BETTER COLLISIONS with monster: you should not get stuck in between them... but don't let them surround you or you cannot pass!
*** Added a graphic effect to show how much the combos increase public enthusiasm
*** Difficulty recalibrated a bit: the first enemies should go down easier
*** Now the malus for saving games applies correctly at the end of the game
*** Corrected the error that prevented the Archer from buying Elven Arrows
*** Now you can see what you have already bought in the shop!
*** If you want, you can HOLD the mouse button to autoattack as soon as you can... but beware: it will be more difficult to time the attacks for the combos!
*** Changed color to potions to match those of the bars...
*** In survival mode, the crowd now doesn't throw just the money (but remember: money increases score!)
*** Corrected the glitch with some special abilities when you level up in survival mode.
*** Now that combos are easier even at low levels, money should be sufficent...

I've tried to make something different from the usual battle games based on turns... it's not a real time strategy game, nor an rpg... I tried to keep it in the middle, pumping up the action like in an ARCADE game.

You are a prisoner in an Arena, you have to fight for the public's amusement, and try to survive and gain enough power to break free.
Choose between 4 different Characters, earn money, entertain the public for money and xp bonus, level up, buy better weapon and equipments, pick up monsters drops... and stay alive!

It is really action packed, with lots of enemies on screen (more than a dozen sometimes), pushing a little hard on the CPU of old computers. I've put a FPS counter in the bottom left corner, with three buttons for changing quality: please use them to keep FPS at least around 15 FPS (the game is designed to run at 20 FPS).

You can play in Story Mode or Survival Mode. The first features 12 levels (+2 bosses), the other one will never end. Highscores are obviously separated.

Mouse for Hero's orientation, left click to attack.
WASD or ARROWS to move
Press CTRL or SPACE to activate the Special Ability of the Character.
click SHIFT to raise the shield (Warrior and Cleric only), click it another time to put it away.
(you can choose between the two key sets in the menu and in the pause screen. default is WASD + SHIFT + SPACE)
M to toggle Music, X to toggle sounds, P to Pause.
*** NOTE: There is a training mode, where you can gain confidence with the controls, which are difficult at the beginning but allow the maximum effectiveness in combat: you can walk in a direction and attack in another. Training mode is available after you select your character.

A final note about the difficulty: This game is HARD, i know. It is not meant to be finished the first time you play it, but to grant some degree of challenge.

Have Fun, and please Vote/Review!
Thank You


Hey pretty awesome!...

The saving feature was interesting, giving up points and all. For some reason though the game crashes my browser (Mozilla) completely after I reach level 13 or so. I clicked to go to the next match and it showed that screen for when you're about to fight the Drow Mage. Fix that man. I was getting into the game =P

As a while, I thought that game was nice. Music I turned off, so no comment on that, but sounds were decent, graphics were nice and the game was pretty good. I only hated it how I would walk around and then have an enemy pop behind me, but mehf shit happens. Make another one =P

Kelemas responds:

As written in the description, we are all waiting for NG staff to approve version 1.6.5 which addresses the infamous Save Bug. Your old saves won't work, though :(
In the meanwhile you can play the game in its most updated version at Kongregate (search for "raptek") or at my site: www.circolofantasy.com/arena
There you will be free to save and reload as many times as you please :)

All classes but warrior suck

The title says it all, they do. I died on the 2nd level with the wixard. The clerics "devine intervention" healed 3 hp. good game though

Kelemas responds:

You are not the only one that find it difficult.
I've put up a web page (www.circolofantasy.com/arena) where you will find four videos that show how to get past the first levels without a scratch... and even without using any drops!!!
Anyway, thank you for the review!

Worth playing.

It's a good game, with great graphics and pretty good gameplay. It's a bit challenging, and the save feature bugs me personally. Still, it's good. (Is it just me, or are certain characters more powerful than others? o.O)

Kelemas responds:

I would say that some characters need more training, and different gameplays, but it is possible to finish the game with all of them. (Even if most people find the archer the most easy).
Thank you for the review, and if you want you can come to my webpage for this game (www.circolofantasy.com/arena) to watch some videos showing how I get through the first 3 stages... You may find some usefl hints on how to play!


I dont know if its just me, but once i started to face the drole thing for the 2nd time, the whole flash crashed on me. Still for what i did play, really fun

Kelemas responds:

In previous comment I've explained that it's an error in the save/load procedure (my bad).
I've addressed it, and submitted the new version to NG, but is pending, aiting for staff approval.
While waiting, You can play the game at my site! www.circolofantasy.com/arena

Diablo like in feel, Good Game!

I must say this game is brilliant! The music was good, the combat itself I found slightly hard to grasp at first, but it eventually came to me, I still have not completed the game so I can hardly comment on the story, but the dialog so far has been good, and the background drawings of a very high quality, I thought that the whole game has a professional feel about it, and was overall amazing. Great game!

Kelemas responds:

Thank you!
Some positive comments are always welcome :)
Be sure I'll referr your comments to the artist that has drawn the backgrounds!
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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2007
3:01 AM EST
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