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The Infiltration

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This is my fourth animation. It's got no sound.
I'm still learning the ropes and I'm no artist so...
This is probably my first animation over a minute long...


Not bad...

I can tell you put work into this animation. And You also have something I don't. You stick with the animation. I would have trouble making something like this, even if it is this simple, just because of the amount of time required. 7/10, because though not good or bad, it required dedication, a dedication I know is hard to have. lol.

spartacusxerox responds:

Why thank you Gamekrazzy, this was just my brief stint in Flash animating that I did, nothing spectacular. Bet I could whip up something pretty good now, but I just haven't got Flash like I used to. Thanks anyway.

Pretty good

I liked the smoothness of your movie. Yeah, sound would've been nice and the speech texts of the talking guards were too small and hard to read sometimes. And also, when you've seen Madness, this is a pretty light version of it. This movie shows some good potential in your developing skills, though. ;)

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spartacusxerox responds:

Hey there, thanks for reviewing this about 3 years ago. I've since gone into audio, in a brief stint just back here this year, but thanks for reviewing. Peace.


i didnt think it was that bad. it needs sound and voices and such, and a few times the guys' bodies dissapeared but all in all it wasnt that bad. Keep tryin man.

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks for giving this review about 3 years ago now. I've gone into audio since then, and I'm happy you reviewed. Thanks.

it wasn't terrible

i mean the animation and effects were ok, thought the protagonist's body sometimes disappeared. it definitely needs sound though, get some sound effects and music and add 'em (be sure to compress them first though). add in the sounds even if this does pass judgement; you can edit your movies that are already in the portal.

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spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks BMack. Now I know this review is old, but thank you for giving it in the first place. Gracias.

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1.61 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2007
11:26 PM EST
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