Ichigo Vs. Link: B.A.F.

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Ichigo and Link battle it out at Fourside, just something I did while I was working on my game(which consists of going on hunting and gathering quest for you village elder.......with big freakin swords and various other weapons) but ya just something short.


Nice dude!

I like how you let us choose our victor. That, put you on my favorites.

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Nice sprites and animation

It's pretty good, nice original sprites and good animation (unlike your other Link vs Ichigo :P) but there should be more Zelda and Bleach music (even though I don't like Bleach, it's hard to understand) and more importantly, where's Rockin' Temple? There should also be a semi decent story, not just they randomly start fighting. Now the pros. Cool sprites and animation, Link OWNS Ichigo, and it's interesting. Nice Job!

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they both kick ass!

but ichigo's victory scene was better.

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not bad...

as said before, the background was a bit dull, but as it isn't the focal point of this animation, i don't think it matters. the sound effects could've been a little better(the metallic 'clink' was a little annoying), plenty of link, not enough ichigo (adding 'bankai' when ichigo did his bankai would've been a nice touch). the only real problem i have with this is the option to allow link to win. now i'm all for the legend of zelda series, and i think link kicks ass. but honestly, link wouldn't be able to defeat ichigo (let alone even stand up to him in a fight).

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Holy Crap!

That was amazing! the sprites were amazing, and teh animations wasn't so bad either!

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3.43 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2007
9:56 PM EST
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