Horizon Of War

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One ultimate turret equipped with an arsenal of weaponry against 99,999 invading commies; do you have what it takes to become the world leader?

Please note, 99999 enemies is an impossible target to reach, it's just for fun, your highscore is still based on how many you can kill.

Click + hold left mouse button to shoot.
Right Click for options
Press 'P' to pause

Designed and Developed for www.rustyarcade.com
Music by Skragga and andrew-parker


this sucked

the weapons suck and the gun u start with cant kill tanks

This is BAD!!!

As I've said before, I'm a sucker for Defense Games...there's just something about them that I love...but this one...UGH!!! BAD, BAD, DAD!!! To all you gamers out there DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!! I mean what is the point of having a targeting icon if it dosen't work?!? I can't tell you how many times that I had the targer sight dead on and I miss, WTF!?!? You really need to go back to the drawing board on this one, my friend. I could go into detail on everything that's wrong with this game but I dont think I'd have enough room for it all I'ljust leave you with this:

FIX THE TARGETING CURSOR!!! Like I said Ihad at leat 50 kills that were dead on in the target and I missed!!!

Also, you need Levels or power ups in this game; I know that crates fall from the sky with HP and other weaponry but if you're getting gang raped by 50 gunmen and 40 tanks you not gonna take the time to shoot a crate that gives you 4 missles. Also take out the heat guage, I mean it is so annoyong to finally align the gun right so you're picking off the "commies" then WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP!!! you gotta cool down and then try all over again to shot them.
Lastly these "commies" as you call them why the hell do the move faster then The Flash on speed?!? slow them down for God's sake. Like I said there are A LOT more things that are so wrong with this game, so I'd just blam it, scrap it, shoot it into outer space, whatever but you need to re-do this game in a MAJOR way

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not bad

to bland and unoriginal. keep trying and u might succeed

Got boring fast

A solid defense game, although I'd have liked to seen something a little more original. Adding more to it would be a good idea.

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great game

wore my pc out in no time. good job :p

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3.19 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2007
6:23 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed