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Thank you SO much for the Daily Feature, Newgrounds voters and thank you, Tom for front page! This is all a HUGE honor!

Thanks for Underdog of the Week, too! I actually think that award speaks volumes in this instance.

In this Flash two no-name Flash animators (RSQViper & boinky33) create their finest work yet only to see their worst dreams come true as their Flash is an utter failure. To climb their way to fortune and fame, they have but one choice: destroy all famous Flash and capture a famous Flash animator for ransom in order to gain front page.

Will they reach stardom or will they slip up in their foolproof plan?

This movie stars tons of Newgrounds icons, from Bitey to Blockhead and Waterman to Tom Fulp, himself!

ALL reviews will be responded to.

This is one of the more unique collabs found on Newgrounds. One artist would create a background for a scene and place all voices, then animate their character(s) and then send the .FLA to the other artist to place their character(s) into the Flash in the same scene. You will see two completely different graphical and animation styles RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.

With over 16,000 frames of animation spread thru 16 scenes and a body count of 39, this Flash took just over 9 months to create. We're basically giving birth to it today. It's our love child.

Please enjoy.



This was an interesting mixture. On one hand it was a bit like "all fads must die," on the other hand it was a bit like a movie version of "Newgrounds Rumble," and yet, it was also like a form of "Blam Police." One thing it is purely however, is pure awesome.

The animation style in some senses was a little on the simplistic side of things, but even with that in mind, your plot was so brilliantly implemented that to complain about your art not being on par with the mona-lisa would be a breach of the geneva conventions. I literally, could be tried in world court for such a crime. The details with the different animators was amazing, especially with the clocks, how there were so many of them. I also enjoyed the prolonged scene with foamy (the slight Saw rerference was a nice touch too).

I did notice the different animating styles before I read the part in your author's description box, and I believe that was a good decision. It overall added to the eclectic feel of your animation. That, and I really enjoyed the beginning part about how to score a daily first... Sometimes, that seems more true than not.

If a gun was put to my head, and I was forced to give some sort of constructive criticism, the best I could come up with is improving the art a little. But, even that isn't really helpful since there is no blatant way for the art to be improved. I mean, the human forms, although simple were well rendered and crafted well enough. Everything else was the result of various authors, so there is nothing there to be improved.

Good job guys. Good job.

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RSQViper responds:

What a great review. You, sir, are a god of reviewing.

I'll start at the beginning. I was aware of the 'NG Fads" references that would probably be taken from this. I've seen one or two of the first ones that were made and I liked them for the most part. "Newgrounds Rumble" is an interesting reference I hadn't thought of and "Blam Police" I'll have to check out as I haven't seen it yet. I do thank you for the "pure awesome' comment. It means a lot to both of us.

I do agree that the animation was a bit simplistic. It really had to be for us to animate next to each other. I'm glad that the plot was enough to keep you entertained. Also, good to see you got the "saw" reference. We almost went MUCH further with it, but decided not to.

Thanks so much for the in-depth review, Geode-Stone. It's greatly appreciated by both of us.


It's about time Salad Fingers got what was coming to him!!!! Great job!!!!

RSQViper responds:

He had it coming ever since he started playing with his nipple.


you gotmy 5

but arfen house? : '( how could you
nice idear v awesome and origonal i really hope you get a daily! and front page lol

RSQViper responds:

Dude, I LOVE Arfenhouse. It was an honor to blow it to smithereens.

That was...

Utterly hilarious xD

*Presses the Skull button* "........Whoops." "Eh, it was for the better".

xDDD You guys rock. I wish I could be in a video, though. Or even FLASH, for god's sake D:

It proves ya'ller more superior to me *Bows down*

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RSQViper responds:


Bow down to your masters.

"I don't remember how, its been so long!" rofl

This movie was hilarious, especially when they captured Ill Will. The dialogue was great, and the ridiculous art and animation works perfectly with the tone of the movie. Amazing work guys!

RSQViper responds:

Thanks, man. We put a ton of work into this and it almost never even saw the light of day because we were burnt out at one point.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the input.

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3.82 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2007
1:28 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Frontpaged November 15, 2007
  • Underdog of the Week November 21, 2007
  • Daily Feature November 16, 2007