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A game I produced for one of my uni assignments. We were required to produce a game that promotes a fictitious product. In my case I was promoting an energy drink called 'Gazelle'. The game took me about six weeks to put together including time learning to use Flash and ActionScript 3.0. Please let me know what you think! :)



Fun little game to play while waiting for a movie to load:P it was fun though however when your gonna update it make it so that you have to crouch and dont make it soooo laggy, and get more objects in there....a 3/5 i gave it!


I jumped over logs. wooo. good times. You could at least have added more obsticals other then the log.

Armagon1986 responds:

In the original concept I had planned to have a variety of obstacles each with different effects. It was going to cycle between being a log, which stops you for a moment, a rattlesnake, which would knock off a life (in the original concept you had lives), and a river, which slows you down as you move through it. Sadly I had insufficient time to implement these features, but I may update it down the road.

One button control

It's not very interactive, or that exciting :/
I don't think there was significant promotion of your pretend product either.

Armagon1986 responds:

I'm afraid it all came down to lack of time. I was going to have a system of control where you could move your character back and forth across the screen, and also crouching (to avoid a planned vulture obstacle). I hope to add more to the game in future.


it was ok, but i suggest making more levels, and it would be cool
and you could work on improving it's performance in high quality

Armagon1986 responds:

I've contemplated adding an unlimited level feature, where the game progressively gets harder every time you catch the Cheetah. I just didn't have time to work it in before assignment submission. Perhaps later.

Not bad, but needs a lot more work

It is, overall, not half bad. The graphics are decent, but the gameplay.... Suffice to say that it needs tidying. The reactions to the button press is slow, often making it impossible to actually make the leap over the log in time. The movements are slow and buggy, and could use some small rework to make them more fluent. Try to do a small study of how the legs move during a run and jump, and try to incorporate these. You may want to decrease the jump-distance, too, in favor of making it a higher jump.

Armagon1986 responds:

Yeah I'm afraid I'm a terrible animator. I'd originally wanted to do a frame by frame animation, but with assignment deadlines closing in I opted to take the copout option and use motion tweening. Perhaps this is something I can improve in future.

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2.57 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2007
11:57 AM EST
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