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ChibiRant Teen Pregnancey

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Don't be intimidated by the title, I tried being as clean as possible xD Anyway, for our Family Life/Health class, we had to choose from a list of projects to do for a final grade, one of which was a movie. So my friend Dan and I decided to make a Chibi Rant devoted to the project's theme, Teen Pregnancey -giggle- Enjoy ^^

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Alfredo, Dan and Mel,

well done on creating and interesting, funny and educational video all in one.
i just hope you make more in the future, the not too distant future.

Someone that thinks! Not like newgrounds at all!!!

I gots to say, I'm impressed (with the message). It's nice to see other people actually be reasonable and informative in a major decision. Too many people follow their libido and act purely on impulse instead of thinking things through. And then to avoid the consequences of their actions, make other rash decisions without thinking them over (such as abortion) and so on.

It's just refreshing to see someone actually putting thought into action, and urging others to do so as well. Not at all what I expect from newgrounds which seems to be one giant seizure of an onslaught of stimulus. It's good to slow down and take a moment to consider what we get ourselves into.

As for the animation, very well done too. Nice and clean, though the music got a bit annoying after a while.. it may have been better to either change the music in relation to what is being discussed to fit it emotionally, or perhaps to just make it quieter. I'm also not as huge of a fan of the circle hands and no legs because limbs do add a greater dimension. Even so, it was still well put together and so overall I'm giving you a 10. It had good content, and I think ultimately that's more important than just the animation.

Cute, Funny and meaning

A funny and yet workful combination, it's nice to see some people take this concept seriously XD but yeah, while animation was simple, but we shouldn't expect big explosions or fights, no this is just a talk flash, over something important, Nice job ^^ and you might have a interesting concept for Newgrounds XD I recommend more

I hope you got a A+++ XDD


Or just not have sex at all until marrige. Oops foreign concept.

*in cheerleader song type thing*

F-U-N-N-Y WAT DOES THAT SPELL? FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY WOOOO!!!!!! lol amazingly funny hope u got a A+ on this