Dad II - Episode 1

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Dad is back in an all new adventure!

Be sure to watch it past 'RESTART THE ENLIGHTENMENT', or you will miss the whole movie.
I actually got permission from tazers to do this.

Tazers says (11:04 PM):
this was the best dad tribute i've seen yet


Z Z Z z z z . . .

No, it's just boring. The text is far too slow, there are no sounds, the jokes are awful and since when is Hank a cock-puppet?
It's just an all-around insult to the Madness series.


Would be a hell of a lot better if you get rid of the l337 speak and added some real comedic value to it other than "OMGLOLOLOL TH4T WAS S000 FUNNY CUZ I TALK LIKE THAT TOO!". Sick of people substituting bad engrish for real humor.

On a side note, a well-placed 'n****r' can make or break a movie - racial humor is always on topic and can usually produce at least a slight chuckle. Unfortunately for you, your 'n****r' was not well-placed nor was it humorous in the slightest. Sucks to be you, huh?

Sticking Hank in that precarious position was about the funniest thing in the entire flash, not that it's saying much. I'd have to agree with just about every other review - leave a good series to the creator, go make something original.


Pacing, pacing! This should be about 2x faster than it is... Also, when there's red text on red sky, it's pretty much unreadable.

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Let the real 'Dad' creator do the work .. you have just destroyed the series. Sorry, but the graphic designing is way off the original Dad videos, and theres subtext! Nooo! Nobody likes subtext, we don't watch to read.

Great! But...

I love it. I really do. But, it just doesn't have the feel of the original Dad. I hope to see more though!

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3.77 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2007
10:59 PM EST
Comedy - Parody