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A Dragon's Revenge

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I'm submitting a remake of a movie (Dragon's Revenge) which didn't do all that bad on NewGrounds (3.4). After my movie was submitted, one of my reviewers (IceDragon64), offered to help me improve Dragon's Revenge by giving me guidance and advice on changing my artwork and animations. I accepted this offer since I felt it was a unique chance to improve as an artist, and improve I have. What changes I've made are a result of months of sporadic work by me and helpful advice from IceDragon64. The following changes have been made from the original movie as a result of this work:
* Improved audio and animation of the opening sequence
* Improved movement and look of the dragon throughout the movie most notably on her take-off
* New and Improved artwork of the castle, windmill, and flags
* General background improvement
* Improved movement of the knight
* Improved fireball
* More shadows added
* Extras page added
* Much more!

Don't just take my word for it, after watching this, watch my old movie, "Dragon's Revenge" and try to tell me this isn't substantially improved! It's taken countless hours of work, so I really hope you enjoy this! I'd like to thank IceDragon64 for making this possible, the Dragon's Spirits for their support, all the beta reviewers, all my friends who've supported me, and viewers like you!

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the preloader menu needs more work. on the right side of the screen you can see a white line. Looks like you didn't fit the screen very well. A lot better voice acting than me. The intro seems almost as long as mine. pretty cool camera angles and stuff on this one. some of the scenes looked pixelated when it was zoomed in

OxSox responds:

Yeah I suppose your right with the intro comparison for this one, but being aware of the semi-long introduction I tried to spice it up with the story book/British accent. The pixelation was caused by issues between adobe illustator and the fact I was still using Macromedia Flash 8. It was fixed when I switched to the newer Adobe Flash.

really nice work!

i really like this , its pretty realistic and nice but it just have to be more exiting, during the movie , but i really laughed at te solder walking part, but i just dont know why :P

anyway nice work and good luck with other animations

A definite improvement.

If I were giving aspects ratings, it'd go:
drawings: 6/10
animation: 4/10
music: 8/10
sfx: 8/10
narration: 8/10
premise: 8/10
the way the story pans out: 6/10

This isn't meant to discourage you - just express my opinion. For the record, I'm not saying the average quality of animation is better - quite the opposite in fact!

The drawings are good with some great elements, but I think you need to maybe get away from all that pseudo-realistic jointed tweened animation. I've not seen your other stuff, but maybe do a quick project entirely with fbf - maybe just a stick-man or whatever. But working fbf may really help teach you stuff. At the moment... your guys just seem slightly lacking in energy if you know what I mean.

I was thoroughly impressed with the splicing of the music and whatnot - really gave it a theatrical quality.

Story is great as always and yes - it is a definite improvement.

Now speed onto your next project!

OxSox responds:

I couldn't agree with you more that I need to fbf much, much more. I think that you've hit on THE thing I have to do take my animation to the next (front page,daily award) level. I think I'll probably do another larger project next, but I definitely feel that fbf will be a key part of the next project. Before I started re-doing Dragon's Revenge, I knew I had to improve but I didn't know how, if Ice or redoing the movie has taught me anything, it's how to take my animation to the next level. Now I have to make that into a reality, oh thanks for the review, by the way, and I hope I can impress you more next time!


That was cool how the dragon blow up the castle. Look's like they'll never mess with another dragon ever again.

this movie changed my life

whoever made this movie is a genius. the takeoff is much better, and the castle looks great.

OxSox responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it!

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3.39 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2007
3:03 PM EST