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Sola Rola - Gravity Maze

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20-11-07 - Thanks for the front page! Glad everyone likes the game so much!

14-11-07 - New build with reduced music to stop it knocking seven shades out of our bandwidth. Intro is still there for all you big fans or narrative introductions.

Controls - Press cursor left or A to rotate the maze counter-clockwise, and right or D to move the maze clockwise. SPACE or left mouse click is SELECT and up and down cursors cycle through the static options.

Having found their spaceship massively off course, the Blobby Brothers, Wiz and Waz, set about amusing themselves on the long journey home with the ships on-board gravity maze. Control Wiz and Waz through a series of rotating mazes which will test your speed, logic skills and reactions as they attempt to fight off the twin enemies of BOREDOM and HUNGER!

PLEASE NOTE: If you find that either you get no sound or SKIP on the intro does not work, please update your flash to the latest version available.


u should make a new one

game vary addictive


I loved it. I look for games like these: interesting, challenging and original.

I can really see the potential for a PS3 game, what with the sixaxis controller and all. Think of the possibilities!

5/5 10/10 faved

warm-chang responds:

Wow! Thank you very much.

Flat out awesome

The innovation of the game and the gameplay to me, make it feel like its not a typical flash game.
It feels like more than that.

The rotating level isn't a new idea, but the way you made it work is much better than all the other ones I've played.
Fantastic game.

Great concept

It was a good concept but wasint that fun


i truth i actually like this

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3.93 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2007
12:29 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding