Shamoozal: Zoinks 4

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*Thanks for the front Tom!*
I debated putting this up, but I figure I'll go ahead. We at the Shamoozal had a busy summer so we actually haven't worked on any shorts since 'Crapfest Force' wrapped up. People have been asking me for something new, anything new. I decided that I could probably create a new Zoink short quickly, so I streamed the whole process live through ustream for about 12 hours nonstop. I has a basic idea of what it would be about, but nothing else started. It was fun getting input from viewers while working on this project on the fly. Hopefully people learned a thing or two as well. By the end I had a new 30 second short, and a lot of fun in the process. It isn't going to go down in the history books, but it was a unique project, and I got totally hammered by the end of it. Have fun!


More solid work from Shamoozal

Great job on this one, you guys never disappoint. Keep it up!

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Kick awesome!

Of course I love this, I watched it come along. This took an obvious amount of hard work, and I cannot wait until I can produce stuff like this. :D
Don't listen to all the crappy kids and reviews below, this is a pure work of art. :)

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this makes poop look good

ya it was kinda short and pointless. no humor or action... as you can tell i gave it a 1

I like!

One of the few movies that actually brings a smile to my face. Nice. =D

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Great Animation!!!

Big Awesomeness!!!! Great animation and has a funny ending too.

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3.68 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2007
8:16 PM EST
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