Angry German Fat Boy

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This is my find to this movie and that movie about is ANGRY GERMAN FAT BOY
he was really Really got so mad and angry very angry on he's PC Game was piss off

o yeah and that flash movie clip you think is me from german but I'm Not from german he from german
I'm from England



Lol! This animation reminds of a video that I have seen before at YouTube! It is also about an angry fat german kid who breaks his own computer! It was some really funny shit!

robbiegagg(might be the angry german fatboy)..

lol u must be the german fatboy.
i agree with the other people this sucks ass
and ive seen this on youtube.

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RobbieGagg responds:

No I'm not he's my fucking friend. and he die in 2 yers ago


firstly, im sure youve been told before, but this belongs on youtube.
if you MUST submit a video, make it good. this is just a lame, half assed rip-off of another video on youtube
im not even sure this is your work, because a few people have already stated they have seen this before, and also, that guy is not german.

please, next time, try harder. please.

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He isn't speaking german, he is speaking spainish.
But what can I expect from the author, RobbieGagg can't even speak ENGLISH.

RobbieGagg responds:

Look I'm not him I'm Not Fucking From german, I from England your a crap Bitch. You just don't give up don't you Muthafucker why you just Fuck off now and please Don't Talk to me again.


Sorry, but this sucks ass. It shouldn´t be on newgrounds anyway but on youtube, which wouldn´t change the fact it´s just horribly bad (in a bad way)! And the title is wrong either, because he´s not even a german.

RobbieGagg responds:

Okay You don't like it, fuck your ass.

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Nov 12, 2007
11:41 AM EST