Angry German Fat Boy

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This is my find to this movie and that movie about is ANGRY GERMAN FAT BOY
he was really Really got so mad and angry very angry on he's PC Game was piss off

o yeah and that flash movie clip you think is me from german but I'm Not from german he from german
I'm from England





this shit sucks and besides this is just copied from a video on youtube also the other guys r right this has nothing to do w/ flash also he isnt even german hes speaking spanish w/ some other shit and dude u have some anger management issues. people say it sux (which its true) but fuk u take it up the ass. u immature bitch.

I agree with below, but its quite funny.

For a start my second language is spanish and he was definitly speaking it.
The next thing to point out, is that this was definatly a setup, when the computer screen was visible you saw a picture of the umbrella logo from resident evil and it was not from gameplay, it was a picture, also he noticed that the camera could see the screen and he sorta pulled of a smirk and pulled the monitor around, this is not the type of thing that you do when you rage against the computer. He also smiled at he camera when he walked away, this aint the type of thing you do when you smash up your PC. Also i have watched the original video of german kid going bonkers towards his PC and that was not setup, as you can see when he smashes up his keyboard and throws the monitor on the ground, then he notices he is being filmed from the doorway and then picks up the speakers and launches them in the cameras direction then grabs the camera and you see it being thrown through a window.
If this "german" boy was in a rage of this proportion why didnt he do this in the original manner.

4 things wrong (but nothign serious)

1. I was on a translator and it sounds more spanish then german

2. I also fell that this was set up

3. If it wasn't then why would he have a camera on himself

4. It was well not very oringal


That was halirious,I loved it when he went NOOB NOOOB!!!

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