Angry German Fat Boy

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This is my find to this movie and that movie about is ANGRY GERMAN FAT BOY
he was really Really got so mad and angry very angry on he's PC Game was piss off

o yeah and that flash movie clip you think is me from german but I'm Not from german he from german
I'm from England


How. . .

in the name of all that is holy (and in my particular case and preference, unholy. . . (especially as a stupid American who speaks better English than an alleged Briton)) did this EVER make it past the portal. I have never given a 0 in my entire duration as a member of Newgrounds but not only is this garbage garbage, the alleged publisher seems like a serious headcase. I thought i was bad by giving low scores to folks who actually MADE an effort to produce flash projects for this site, and now i feel even worse because they ACTUALLY MADE AN EFFORT to produce flash games and animations where this is just a relatively irritating tantrum by a supposed German kid but OBVIOUSLY Spanish kid who's getting pwnt on Quake (Which may or may not be real, i couldn't tell for sure BTW). Whomever voted for this when it was in the portal should be flogged. Immediately.

At this point i'll risk being banned to say that this shouldn't be on Newgrounds. Look up someone like Proxicide, or Krinkles, or . . . crap just about anyone here who's been here for more than a couple years. The work they put into this is astounding. Do you understand how much goes into an actual flash animation? That's what this site is about, people who have a passion for SWF animating, Music, and Gaming. It's not a site for random videos that are barely funny. I've seen some stuff i thought was bad but this takes the cake. I can see that this is an old submission, but still i feel somewhat insulted that i even came across something like this. If you're still active on Newgrounds, and you still check these reviews i strongly suggest you have a little more respect for the purpose of this place. I could post random crap that's kinda funny but really doesn't pertain to the spirit of the place, but i abstain under the simple premise that it's like a slap in the face to anyone who has made even a really bad flash animation or game and put their head to the chopping block for it, facing a harsh crowd of reviewers so that they might learn to be better at what they do.



This is Spanish not German and this is... crazy so i'll have to give it a 4 sorry :P

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...computer by the fridge?

This seems like the sort of thing that would belong on youtube, not newgrounds.

Pretty nice, though.

Not bad...

It's sounds more like Spanish than German, but it's a good parody of Angry German Kid...
It's not very realistic, in my opinion.
Try harder in another video.

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Not german!


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Nov 12, 2007
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