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Hardon-->Fucking up monuments...connection?

Ok, let me try to get this straight: He's pissed he has to save everyone n' shit; he can't fuck earth chicks cause he'd probably blow a load like a shotgun right through her back (thank u Brodie); he sees a hooker, Superdick gets happy, nothing to use it for, so he decides to fuck some shit up. Right, i was with u until he decides to fuck some shit up. Why was that again? Oh yeah, he had a hardon...wait a second, those 2 things have about two shits and a fuck in common with eachother! Why in the hell do u start out thinkin' we're all gonna see some Super-monkey sex and then jump into him breakin' shit? Whatthefuck? At least have the decency to have him finger the Statue of Liberty with the Eifel Tower. God, people today have no standards. Bottom Line: Nice idea..till u fucked it up! Fuckin' dumbass mutha fucko...


This would have been more interesting if he copulated with the airplane.

Even the Man of Steel gets HARD!

The dangers of blue balls can be painful. Kami-sama knows I felt that before. I wonder what would happen if some Kryptonite were around Superman when he got a Superhardon? It takes the term "more powerful than a locomotive" all too seriously.

Upon the day of this review is when Cartoon Network's TOONAMI debuted Superman. Let's hope those big blue balls don't go to his Superhead…and I mean the OTHER ONE!

Absolute shite!!

It was absolute fucking shite!! and thats putting it mildly!!
i was up for some superman hardcore shaggin!!
but instead he fucks up monuments' heads!! huh??
whats that all about????

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What the Hell?!

He began with a good idea, but it was all lost in the translation. I was left with one simple thought: "What the Hell?!"
The idea has potential- please use what you have, expand on it, and let it make more sence!!!

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Credits & Info

1.22 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2000
12:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody