Parkemon: The First Short

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SOUTH PARK mixed with POKEMON to create a bunch of crap that idiots or children might enjoy. Possibly.

UPDATE 01/02/2009: It's been over nine years since I made this thing. It was the first Flash short I ever animated, and basically the last, as I've been too busy making comics to animate stuff. Crazy that people are still watching and reviewing PARKEMON. To those that have enjoyed this crap over the years, thanks! Don't think I'm gonna make a sequel episode anytime soon, sorry.


I'm buying all the merch from Cafepress.
I also like how you trademarked and copyrighted Parkémon in 1999.

There are barely any Christians in Japan, let alone Jews. Of course, there's barely any religious people at all. Okay, this wasn't good. I don't see what this really had to do with either shows. Didn't "South Park" already do a parody of pokemon? It was called "Chinpokomon".

The voices weren't that good. It just had very few jokes. Would Team Rocket be Kenny? I mean, they get blown up in every episode! They've had far worse damage than Kenny!

Despite what ANYONE says; this is the best if not the only South Park/Pokemon cross-over parody on Newgrounds to date. Simply a joy to watch, and I still get a few laughs out of it.

I was only 11 when this came out, and my god....seeing it now just makes me think back to a better time.



another piece of my infancy! When i saw this, i was only 9 years old! It's still really funny!

A parody mashup of Pokemon and South Park. Some of the art was quite good, and some of the other stuff was awful. The sound was pretty poor. The voice acting wasn't bad but kept crackling up
because of poor quality. The idea was pretty cool, especially the one combining Cheesy Poofs and Jigglypuffs. Overall the execution was pretty poor though. A shame, as it could have been really good.

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2.48 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2000
5:20 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody