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WoW - Enlightening

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Author Comments

YO, I dont actually care weather you quit WoW or not! this is a joke! ...even though WoW IS for Fags.



I play WoW, and I still have a life.

Not every WoW player is a no-life, ofcourse there are others like that, but you have extremes in everything.

And the animation sucked...
I mean, have you even bothered to take a tutorial?


Hey i think u should learn something from this animation and go suck a skrogina
And no, u have no life... Hunrgyturtle has a life and he plays WoW

yo, that = true

that's so true.

well... wow is not for fags, its for people who think they have nothing better to do with their lives..

i mean, wow can be fun, but not if you play it like most people do. it seems noone care about "having fun" in wow, it's just like work, but you pay for it.
the good old days when pvp and most higher endgame instances are over.

now it's a never-ending spiral of time-waste.

so help spread the word: there are better things to do with your life.

and if you say you "play with your friends", ask yourself, how often do you actually run around together ingame doing stuff together that made the game fun in the beginnning? even if you sit next to each other, you're distanced from each other...

go out and play

hit the town

get laid (or if you're not old enough for that, start wooing the girls, it'll pay off.)

get a job

make something of yourself. when you talk to other people; they dont care about who got the sickest epixxx during last Kara-farm-run.

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well now, thats pretty deep. u should write a book.

Why the low scores?

I admit, I'm a WoW player but this guy obviously doesn't give a crap whether I'm quitting or not, he just wants to make a funny movie

don't take this seriously is just a joke!

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Sir i like your Attitude! Keep drinkin!

well then...

if it is for fags, then why did u decide to take the time to make this. to spend countless mins/hrs on a stupid game thats for fags. i give you a 2 just because i have pity on you. dont feel too bad though, i have pity on all losers who waste their time making a flash on something they hate.


I'd give it a seven, but you said you wanted a 5. I enjoyed this submission. Visually it was a bit rough, but the message was an good one.



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Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
5:11 PM EST
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