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YO, I dont actually care weather you quit WoW or not! this is a joke! ...even though WoW IS for Fags.

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Zomg! wtfbbq!?!?!?

I loved it but why you b haten on Picachu? What did he ever do to you? That poor poor pokamon... cat... bager... Dinoterasf thing...


funny all the people that play wow are mad and/or lieing about having a life i played wow before and i like it but i dont hate everyone that makes fun of it

ps to the emo a few reviews down shut the fuck up you hipicrate bastard shit your picture is mmo you dipshit noob


Idk. I think mine didn't work unless it was supposed to be a symbol with lights flashing behind it. But to add my share to the ongoing argument I can name plenty of people who play and have lives. But along with that I can name plenty who have 4 lvl 70's and do nothing but play 10 hours a day. lol luckily I like having a life.


lol its all true, and i dont care if u quit or not, its a joke, but do me a favor and dont rate my stuff unless it WORKS on ur comp..... duhhh..


This is what Drugs do to WoW, I used to play WoW but after 2 weeks...it was like, WTH IS THIS SHIT!! I dont see how you could be so addicted to it


I don't give a damn about wow, or whatever, but ill call crap when I see it. The best thing about yer flash was the music...which sucked. i want the time I wasted watching this crap back. Put some effort into it, and this could be really funny. I agree that mmos are a waste of life.


Hey listen up you emo shit, try making some of your own animations before you judge others so poorly. and with a fucking profile quote like "I'm not racist... i hate everyone equally" no wonder your such a fag. oh and obviously you don't think that that MMO's are a waste of life, you must love them. "DAWN OF WAR" is your profile picture. now go slit your face and wallow in your "eternal darkness"