i.man ep.7

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bam, big action scene, might act funny, but it's good except image got a little fuzzy, and sounds good up during extended periods of weapon fire TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! this was a solo project of mine, nobody has seen but me... until now!



the action scenes are cool and the music is very good!

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WCCC responds:

thanks a lot i tried hard but forced myself.


great action scenes!

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WCCC responds:

thanks for the review!


It is better than your other movies, but it doesn't connect with episode 6, so i don't get wtf is going on..... Other than that, the animation was smoother and much more clean, but it still was a little bit laggy(maybemy computer). I was expecting a little better, but still good.

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WCCC responds:

k, this one is actualy the degraded version, i had more freedom with sound, but the visual converted to SHIT. I'll send you the full thing via email, and it's not your computer, it's just that flash can't handle the same way powerpoint does, so it turns out laggy as hell and i had no preloader, whoops!

horrible animation, timing, and sound

Basically your animating skills were crap, if you didnt know that already. Working on the timing of everything would make it look better, and use better sound clips and make sure everything plays the way it should.

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WCCC responds:

thnkas, but i the original, it's not that fuzzy,but during conversion it becomes crap....

Not a good flash

This was very laggy, i dont know if that was me but i doubt it. The whole time i was wondering what was happening so try and make things a little bt more clear.

WCCC responds:

i went for the actiony approch, so it's not going to be that clear... and it's laggy because i don't have any working preloaders...

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3.35 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
2:45 PM EST