Searching for hope-eps 1

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Hi everyone. To everyone who is watching this, you should know that despite it being called episode one the series began in the intro. So if you care at all about storyline or characters oranything you might want to take the time to check the intro out. To anybody who wanted to see this out sooner, im sorry I finished most of it but then I quit flash for awhile. I decieded to finish it, and depending how ratings go I might make another one sooner. On a side note, for those wanting actual voice acting im making some flashes now and practicing lip syncing and practicing audio now that I have a mic. So it might be awhile before we see a continuation. Maybe not though.
--flash information--
runs at 15 fps
2891 frames
song is ''alone in the city of robots'' by Adair

constructive critism is appreciated if you dont have a newgrounds account you can email me at

For those who wanted more character development im sorry but I really liekd the idea of a chase and next episode shall hold many new truths.


cant wait for the next episode man. Keep up the good work.

Cant wait for episode 2

first sorry i see ur work this late, i was having internet problems. nice fight sequence. cant wait so u make more, why he escaping, what the blonde guy inject him. im waiting fren and i know u whon let any of us down.

Got your PM

Pretty good, looking forward to the next one. You can definitely improve, but it was good overall. I gave it a 5!

FlamingMoose responds:

thanks man ill prob pm you when I get around to the next oen if you ever get bored ty for review bud

Ah, yes! Getting better with flash, I see?

LOL, you never fail to surprise me. The "Searching For Hope Intro" was pretty good, but now that there was more of a story with it, it made it a better flash. I do have some suggestions, however...

You should put the text dailouge at the bottom of the screen. Unlike the intro, it should seen more like an episode of a series rather than an intro...you could put a black bar at the bottom of the screen, and put subtitles at the bottom. For example, do it in this style. You don't have to, but I'm just saying:

???: So...are you feeling numb yet?
???: Wether I'm numb or not doesn't matter right now...oh, and by the way...
???: Hmmm?
Shadow: ...my name is Shadow.

Notice the cue of the characters speech, with the "-Name-:-Text-" approach. That's just something I'd like, nothing you have to actually do.

Some sound effects could come in handy, also. I mean, if you don't want to do voice acting, that is perfectly fine with me. It makes it look a lot better without voice acting, to tell you the truth. Just search for SFX-Clips on the internet and use them for certain areas that needed sounds, because I couldn't tell wether Shadow got shot, poisened, or whatever.

The animation itself could use some work, but you have to admit, you have gotten better with the graphics. I could give you some tips, because when I make digital art, I use some steps...well, whatever...

Anyways, it was a good flash overall.

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FlamingMoose responds:

thanks for the newest review man lol. thinking on that idea and how if I added it, I think it could look better and add more of that mystery stuff I think it would add mroe to the feel of the movie some gonna take that. and while not using actual voice acting add sounds even disgruntled sounds of pain just no talking. Me like, me like. Yeah thanks I might take you up on that. Yorue a pretty sick artist fyi saw your profile. I used to be betetr at art, btu im losing me talent. Ah well. Thanks for the help/review!


very good movie but you should add some voice to it like you said

FlamingMoose responds:

yeah still thinking of wether or not to do so, I have fun implying things through actions in flash thansk for the review

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Nov 11, 2007
11:59 AM EST
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