Zim Buddy V.1

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Join YOSHI7777's crew, please. :)

Not much effort went into this, but it's just Version 1, I'll make another version another day. Here' what the menu buttons do:

Click the cake | Zim will eat the cake
Click the cake a 2nd time | Zim will be done eating the cake
Click & hold down GIR | Gir will appear on the screen and sing the doom song
Click the "DANCE" word | Zim will dance(a bit) and there will be colorful lights
Click the "DANCE word a 2nd time | Zim will stop dancing
Click& hold down Dib's big head | Dib will pop up on 3 sides saying "I AM DIB!"

(BTW, see if you can find bloody GIR!)



THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!I GOT A BUDDY ZIM,NOW XD!!!U did one of the greatest jobs!I love it i love it i love it...did I mention,that I love it XD?....Anyway...I put this to fav!I mean,Zim is my favorite char of all.I can't BE without him XD.He's so...EVIL!...LIKE ME!FEAR ME!FEEEEEEEEEAR ME!!!I love how he eats cake and dancing.He loox cute X3.I want more Zim from u XD.What did u use doing an animation?What's the program called?

bernie-buddy responds:

Why do people keep asking me obvious questions? I used flash, DUH!

This is awesome. I dont understand why it has such a low score

i know why his called bloody gir

its becuase his red

aww man

I can't find bloody gir (i'm only 10 and i'm obbsed with blood)

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That game was great! It reminded me of that techno song they did of the doom song. Doomy-doom-doomy-doom-doom. Anyway, it was very fun watching Zim eat cake and I super loved the Dance and GIR functions. Dib was kinda cool, but it reminded me of my cat(His name is dib and I'm mad at him) anyway, I loved your movie, you got 5/5 10/10 here!

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bernie-buddy responds:

Thank you!

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2.29 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
8:52 AM EST
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