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Zim Buddy V.1

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Join YOSHI7777's crew, please. :)

Not much effort went into this, but it's just Version 1, I'll make another version another day. Here' what the menu buttons do:

Click the cake | Zim will eat the cake
Click the cake a 2nd time | Zim will be done eating the cake
Click & hold down GIR | Gir will appear on the screen and sing the doom song
Click the "DANCE" word | Zim will dance(a bit) and there will be colorful lights
Click the "DANCE word a 2nd time | Zim will stop dancing
Click& hold down Dib's big head | Dib will pop up on 3 sides saying "I AM DIB!"

(BTW, see if you can find bloody GIR!)


goodish but boring quick

btw why is bloody gir called bloody gir? i found him but its hard to see anything of him bsides his antenna and body but his head i can't make out

hey this is not too bad!

this is really fun for at least 10 mins but then it gets a little boring.... but the music was EPIC and you must have put lots of effort into it :) nice

woot all my 5 r belong to this

yes i have found the bloddy gir if you click on the cake look at his head right when you press the botten


i found Bloody Gir.
Click on the cake and if you look a little bit above ZIM's head you see Bloody Gir's little thing at the top of his head.It is really quick so it may take a few times.(or million times).
10 starz

it was kinda funny but...

it kinda needs more interactions. and yes, i found "bloody" gir execpt that hes not bloody at all!

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2.29 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
8:52 AM EST
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