Last Man Standing Game

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My first submission, but not my first first flash game. Credit goes to all those shown on the front page.

Changes: I have added music, i think i fixed the bugs, and crosshiar is smaller. The Enemies also come slightly faster now.

More Changes:
Umm, added recoil, highscores might work now, and added walking anim. The glitch where the cursor/border dissapear are not fixed. The problem is i need them to be on top at all times, so i use swapdepths(getNextHighest Depth()); There is something wrong with this that i dont know. if you can help me, please do.

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Oooooh no! Nazis..

It had some gameplay in it, but graphics just sucked. Only thing that pleased me was the music, but I dont think that ID is pleasant for using their kickass doom music in submission like this. You CAN do better.


The spldiers looked like southpark characters, which made me laugh, so if you could make them move like the southpark chars. it would be even funnier.

They come a little slow, though not that much, and what you fixed brought along some moar little tweaks to do, cause everyone wants moar killing games latley.

Keep it up, and you'll get into the all-time best 100 in no time...


it was sooooo easy. i got bored at 200 hits. I know you say you made the enemies come in greater numbers but they still come too slow. there are lots but i think they all have wooden legs. If you boost the amount of soldiers and make them move quicker then ill give this game a 8. The graphics on it and the way that the gun moves are brill. The soldiers are poorly drawn though.

Did you even play this?

Dude seriously it was waaaay too easy. I could have gone on for ages, I got to 700 hits and went to exit the game and as my crosshair went off the screen I noticed the gun's aiming cross vanished - Now that was fun! Make the guns aiming piece just a tiny dot and make the army people come in great numbers.


it's good but a little too simple. try adding music, new weapons and enemies. and when i played i had more hits than shots. shots: 100 hits: 124. is that wrong?

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1.86 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
4:56 AM EST
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