A Few Sundays in October

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The 3rd installment in my series of collections.
I hope you will enjoy.


Thanks a lot for the 3rd place.. And thanks a lot for the positive feedback I've received so far.
-EDIT 2-
Front page! Awesome!^___^


Coffee Break is amazing!

The first two submissions weren't for my taste, but they were well done. The third one, Coffee Break, was simply awesome. That you put that much detail with only coffee blew me away. You were right about the charm of using the digital camera. Keep it up, you're an amazing artist.

Coffee Break > Rest

"Coffee Break" was the best. The other shorts lowered the score I would have given it if it had been submitted by itself.

A few days in Rocktober!

ok, my summery line is lame, but this flash isnt! the first two are some prety solid flash submitions, but the third one "coffiebreak" blew my freeken mind! I mean, holy crap! you realy did that with just paper, brush and coffie! thats increadable! I love the transition from one blind thought to another, and I think your skill as an artist is phenominal! well, time to go troll the rest of your submitions. thank you for this, it picked my day right up.


Comments -
I liked the "Coffee Break" movie the best. Great art. The good thing about painting with coffee is that you could probably stay up later to paint the pictures by licking the painting.
Points on Improvement -
The "Growth" movie lacked, in my opinion. Use you creative talent to create a large scale version of the "Growth" movie, because it needed more time.
Stars -
5 stars. I liked it. Keep them coming.

ignoring the first two

im only going to give a score on the last one because that was the only one that i liked. the coffee break one was very creative and the coffee water paints added a very nice touch. 4/5

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3.76 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2007
6:40 PM EST