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Animation was okay and I thought it was kind of funny, especially since I hate the KK's flashes because I can tell they have some talent, but they just waste it on making crap. I would join the AKK, but I won't for 3 reasons:
1. I don't really want to be part of something that hates someone and their work so much that they have to make anti-flashes about it. (Like the anti-foamy fans/)
2. I don't like people who feel the need to create a group or videos just to bash someone else's work. (I don't care how bad it is, that isn't necessary.)
3. I find it much easier to just ignore their work. (Avoid what you don't like.)

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I agree with you, the KK are wasting themselves on useless, unwanted pieces of code, and with those they will annoy all of us at some point. But a word of advice, don't drop to there level, it makes you as bad.

Tomajko responds:

How did I drop to there level? I think I submitted a good quality flash, unlike them which they mostly submit terrible flash.


I like AKK submissions. The KK is so bad at what they do. SS is actually funny, but KK? They suck. Good flash, animation wasn't amazing and it was all obviously tweened. Work on animation, make it have better sound FX and you are good 2 go.

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You arn't immature enough to hate the Kitty Krew. If you want to make a truly effective Flash, you must magnify the KK's most negative traits, and disavow their positve ones.
Aside from that, good flash for a first timer. It takes some balls to do a I'm-trying-to-be-good-please-don't-bl am-me flash to NG.com.

think about it

how is this different from any kitty krew flash?

Tomajko responds:

Have you ever watched a kitty krew flash? If you have, then you should be able to see a huge difference.

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3.94 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2007
5:48 PM EST
Comedy - Parody