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Even though im in the kitty krew myself...

I actually quite liked this, its better than most anti kitty krew submissions, alot of them have no hilarity or quality at all, and this is pretty good, nice animation, well done menu, funny, with the whole cartoony feel to it, most akk submissions make these cartoons without knowing much about the kk, but this didnt matter because it didnt mention anything about the spam, whic is actually a good thing because it ment it focused more on the jokes, nice one!

Oldskoolkammy Review, man.

Just awesome. You look like a junior Leonardo da Vinci, dude.

Nostalgia, mainly because of the SMB2 theme music.

Who am I kidding, boring you with this, this is almost flawless (which was the fact that you put Snowman in and left me and Smico out). 9/10, but 5'd.

To Lasse, sprites are just a good aspect of animation as drawing, so now you're a sprite hater too? As he said, he just drew his own cat, too.

Haydn, how can you say they're bad, when you gave it an 8? That's pretty lateral if you ask me.

You are just as bad as they are.

I can see why you are angry/bored of the Kitty Krew, but making flash films will make them more likely to spam because they see you are taking notice of what they do. No I am not from the Kitty Krew either, your animation is smoothe and decent drawings I will not downgrade you for that, but replying to Kitty Krew is one of the wrong moves.


what could be more fun than watching those fags get killed?

i really laughed at this.

i liked the videogame death. watching a kitty get eaten by pacman was really funny.


It would be good to have a AKK group, but I agree with other people all they want is attention. They are attention whores, little teenage boys with no real lifes outside of their computers. Tom should make it alot harder to post flash submissions so their crap can't get in or KK can start their own website that they can annoy themselves. But thats just a dream.

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4.16 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2007
5:48 PM EST