Bubulle au sucre !

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A school project
Yes it's in french. So... you may not understand. Sorryyyy !
It's a fake publicity
Hee hee... okay, so here's a traduction :

Tired about smelling little flowers ?
Sugar bubble innovates !
Perfume yourself with your favorite candy ! And everybody's going to say : Hey ! I wanna eat your HAIR !
Sugar bubble ; It smells gooood


J'ai bin envie d'te bouffer les cheveux!

I really liked this quote!! Translating it to "I wanna eat your hair" wouldn't really match, because the way the guy says it sounds really pathetic and unattractive.

just a thought

subtitles maybe.

Otherwise not bad I'm sure your teacher was impressed.

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The graphics were awesome! Now all u have to do is make it in english!

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Sorry, but this is an ENGLISH speaking website. The animation is pretty nice, but the portal is a showcase. Either you show off the techniques you have mastered or your skill in storytelling. This was a school project that the majority of the viewers could not enjoy. The only thing you were offering was your technical exppertise, and without even a common language, this movie has nothing to offer most of the NG viewers.

Very funny!

I'm french. I laughed at the part when the guy said: Hé! j'ai bien envie de te bouffer les cheveux! xD

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Nov 10, 2007
5:25 PM EST
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