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Break The Walls Down!

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*Thanks for all the awesome reviews everyone! Look for Break Down The Walls 2 soon!*

2 guys need to get over a wall, of course they can't though.

Almost EVERYTHING in this movie is frame by frame. It took awhile to make, so I hope you guys like it!

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Some great moments.

1 - What happened to the little guy?
2 - predictable
4 - I like the end
6 - This one's brilliant!
7 - very predictable.
8 - I thought it'd fall on them. Kinda glad it didn't.

I like the fact that your characters have a geometric style to differentiate them.

I liked all the bgm and sfx, but got annoyed when I first went to replay - you should ALWAYS have a 'stopAllSound()' command on the play button or first frame to avoid the end-music looping over the movie.

Though you showed some emotion, the characters could have been more expressive using body language.

It's not the most original concept and not all the sections were great.

However, thanks to the quick-fire format, they don't necessarily all NEED to be..

Superawesomeness responds:

In #1 Blue bounced too high and into space.
In #8 I decided not to make it fall on them, they need a sequel.
Sorry about the music thing, I'll remember to have a stopAllSound() action next time.
Glad you liked the movie!


cool characters + humor + power of rock = awesome

power of rock

bs. reall power of rock would nock it down in one second

Superawesomeness responds:

Yeah, unfourtuanly Blue wasn't exactly "Jimi Hendrix" if you know what I mean. I knew I shoulda put Red on the guitar, the wall would of went down faster. Glad you liked it!


That was pretty funny, ur a good animator. Tell me when I'm right: That wasn't a real preloader right? Let me now :P.. anyway when the robot gave the finger I laughed. next time make more attempts :::::::::::::::)))

Superawesomeness responds:

Glad you liked it. I made the preloader.

Funny cool and original.

Very amusing to watch I liked how they had a whole bunch of gadgets for how to break the wall.

The animation was very smooth and nice FBF work put in. On the downside some of the backgrounds were were lacking in detail which is something that would have made this a whole much better.

While the animation was smooth and even though the grounds weren't as textured, what really kept this alive is the humor. One thing that needed to be put in would be use of Sound fx, since there was nothing but music it seemed a little dry especially when there was an explosion.

Also at the end the credit music overlaps it self into the animation if you wanted to replay it. :(

So work on textures and details for your second project. Also 50 frames collab should be due out soon in case you were wondering :3


Superawesomeness responds:

Awesome, glad you liked it! Hope to see it out soon.