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SG- My opinion. BYE!

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No. i'm not officialy leaving the Shade Gang.

if you don't want to watch the movie...

Here's the text for what i want to say to my fellow e-net family

to lavalampshades... thank you for being so nice Lavalampshades.

to goldenshades... well there's not much to say, but thank you for being so fair all the time.
i like you as much as i like the other shades..

to pizzashades.... thank you for being cool, and helpfull when other people needed your help.

bananashades... well, thanks for making me happy.. your very cool too.

Deathshades... thank you for having a fantastic humor! you are very cool too.

ErrorShades... i don't know much about you, but the idea of your character was funny. i'm sure you are cool too.

wmpshades... thank you. for being so cool and nice to each other, when you joined the sg/ Shade Gang. you did'nt got much attention, but now you do. thank you for joining us.

tesserect shades.... thank you for being here..you are a cool guy! i like you. sorry not much to say.

roboshades....thank you for being so, nice to each other. you got a fantastic humor too.
but if i remmember right.. you leaved the shade gang. so i don't know much about you.

swordshades.. thank you for making a hillarious shade character. you are pretty fair too.

cd shades.. thank you for joining the shade gang you are a new respected member, i hope
you will get a nice time here in the future.

snowshades... thanks for joining the group, but i don't know much about you..

phew. there is sure many shades. now for the last shades..

i'm sure i should end with our dear leader lampshades but i won't..

To Lampshades, the true king of the glowing lamps, the wice and true leader of the shades gang, the guy you can trust.

Lampshades thank you for creating the shades gang. without you! we would'nt be here today! i know you want a collection as much as i do! and i hope tom fulp like us. but you must remmember we are all a team.. without us the shades gang would'nt be so populary.
thank you my friend, thank you.

okay... i saved the last and worst shade to the last.. jesus...i never thought i would hate a shade but i do!

i'm very sorry for this...

the last shade is... is... it's..

7up shade!! sorry 7up. but i hate you because you are a socom.. i just can't accept any socoms... well! there are actually, a few! few! socoms i accept.

i accept:

pinneaple Socom.

and...well i can't quite remmember..

how the fuck can you join them you motherfucking lame piece of shit!!
you fucking bitch! get the hell out of s..g.. sorry! but i just can't accept them!
i don't care about their spam...i actually like spam.... but how can you join them?
god! you are sucha bitch! you are sucha fat fuck! how dare you! i just wanna slap you one on your little cheeck! imao! god! i liked you and respect you before you told me you was a socom.. you were so fantastic.. i wasted my time on you!

shame on you!

You socoms don't care about each other!

so i hate you alot..

sorry people for my agressive speak about 7up shades..

( god i wanna slap him one )

so anyways. thank you shades gang. i love all of you. we are a family. not only a flash group.

The End.


dont worry, be happy!

yo man, i am I-shade (an i pod) i recently joined the crew and i wouldnt worry about all the fags that give you shit about this movie, but, i dont think that you said anything about me! i was in the animation too, but oh well, and soccom squad is a big fag and he should go and choke on a duck! oh wait, he would just want to suck its dick! anyway, i wouldnt give a shit what they say if i were you!

hey mayun stop being a groupist

How dare you say anything bad about us after all we've done for the Fewelgrounds community. Well, sir, I sincerely hope you choke on a duck, and I mean that in the best way possible. You are the problem to our solution, the fly in our soup, the wolf among our sheep and I generally do not like you despite having never met you, because, by writing the description that you did, you have portrayed yourself as a big, fat, stupid doodiehead, and nobody likes big, fat, stupid doodieheads.

Eagerly awaiting your slow and painful death,

ps we're gayer and more unoriginal than you are, so LIVE WITH IT


Now then, on to the actual review:

This is merely a still image composed of various Shades Gang members you have drawn, and, while your art style is good for animation, this does not qualify as an animation.

Perhaps this submission would have been better if you had taken the time to animate Flash8Shades leaving Shades Gang HQ (or whatever you guys care to call it) while giving his last words to the various SG members.

The description would be completely unnecessary and you would have an actual, possibly entertaining, animation to submit.

Time being what it is these days, I realize that few people could carry out such a task and have the animation publication-ready while the issue is still relevant. However, I must ask you to consider such an idea instead of simply submitting a one-frame flash and writing your farewells in the description.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

Eagerly awaiting your slow and painful death,

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Flash8Shade responds:

You sound like a cool member....

anyways, i understand that not all socoms are mean. howewer i can't understand why some socoms hate newgrounds. anyways.... i'm not leaving the SG forever.

dude, there's nothing wrong with socoms

they're pretty cool actually, and so is 7up. not only is he a brit, but he's a good artist and all that.

the only problem i have with him is 7up tastes like shit XD MOUNTAIN DEEEWWWWW!


it was nice, but why leave the sg? its a very coool group. and very talented. also why you hate the 7up shaeds, hes a good guy

Flash8Shade responds:

it's only a BREAK i will come back to the sg soon.

Kind of glad I didn't get mentioned

Flash, that was BAD. Real bad, worse then bad, the kind of bad that makes you say "BAD" in all caps. First off, there was no animation, and isn't that the point of flash? To make cartoons? Going off of that, that stool didn't look so good. It only had two legs, I don't think it could stand up like that. Most stools have four legs, just so you know. Also, who cares if 7-up is in Socom? Nobody really gives a crap if people are in other groups, even the spammy groups (Face it, we are a spam group with what Lamp has been telling us recently).

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2.24 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2007
4:35 PM EST
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