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AlbinoClock goes to Paris

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Albino takes a vacation in France! There is a game at the end of the movie!

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it was terrible! the oddness and strangness AND RANDOMNESS of this flash made it bad. im sorry but u get 0tars and i blam this flash with 0votes because of its terrible graphics YET terrible lazyness of making this thing!

-bad animation
-bad lazyness
-stupid waste of time for viewers

wich adds to what im giving you...

0/5 and a 0/10 !!! next time dont waste we viewers times thank you!
i hope this flash gets taken down! it is useless!

AlbinoClock responds:

Those who have eyes, let them see. :)


random stuff....sw337

AlbinoClock responds:

Not a thing in this universe is random. That is an illusion.


I thought it was very interesting, I like how the colors would fade in and out throughout it. I also enjoyed how you incorporated many different characters from different groups, truly promoting unity between flash groups!

AlbinoClock responds:

I made the bit with the glocks when Breadfruit and Truffle first started toying with them.



AlbinoClock responds:

Thank you sir.


A gift to moviegoers the world over, the cinematography was outstanding, the voice overs amazing, and the story. Oh god, the story was complex and amazing. It was so incredible, I think I'll watch it again. Right now.