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Crimson Planet

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Well I've been working my ass off to get this finally finished, and here it is, my second point'n'click game. I was inspired by the Myst series, and... um... my dreams. >.>

Crimson Planet.
You've waken up in a strange alien place, with no recollection on how you got there. With nowhere else to go, you wander to a mysterious tower. Explore it, unlock it's secret, and return home.

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awesme game

i really lve pint and click games and im a big fan f dreamgate! but i knew the game befre you. this game is really cool

i discvered that the crimsn planrt is mars and the beggining planet was venus


I gotta get one of those sudoku code locks ^^


Thank you so much for making me feel smart. A good game. 8/10. All I can say is: Decently Did. ;)

Very good...well done

Very nice, reccommended for puzzle.... that deserves it!! Great job once again!


Great game!

I'm a big fan of myst also, and I really enjoyed this game. It took me about 10 min. to finish it, mostly because of the last part, lol. Great puzzles, cool backgrounds, and a nice choice of spooky sounds. Great job!

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3.60 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2007
7:20 AM EST
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