All Thanks to Giving

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Please read these comments before watching! I worked HARD on this!

Hey everyone! It's been a while. I've been working on this movie for the past 3 years and I'll have to say I'm really proud of it. I kid you not, it's one hour long. So sit down.

I had to directly link to the .swf on a different site in order not to bypass the limit of 10mb, so the file size is a lot smaller than it otherwise would have been. It's still kinda big because I have the special features and the preloader on this file. For some reason the file size ballooned when I added the preloader sounds even after compressing, so yeah, sorry for the loading time.

Well, I finished on time for Thanksgiving 2007. I couldn't wait to submit this!
This is the story of how the pilgrims were travelling and they had the great feast--basic Thanksgiving tradition story--but with a huge twist. The feast is ruined, many people die, and it was all done by a thief named Giving Hartlove. Very ironic name. In the end, you will see how he finally lives up to his own name. Everyone I've shown this to has loved it so far. I hope you all enjoy!

Special thanks to:
Ted Thompson
Robert Man
Ezekiel Harving
Benjamin Davis
Joe Davis
Bill Booth
Brad Brown
Donna Neal
Victor Parker
Roger Neilson
Dave Parker
Todd Page
Richy Walker
Bob Jennings
The Randomness
and you

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no offense but...

umm so i go to this page and i see "I've been working on this movie for the past 3 years" and i think wow this guy is dedicated, it would be an insult for me not to watch this. then i turn it on and 10 min later im pissed as hell! i think ur just messing with people on this! i mean come on! if u not then im sorry for the low score but i doubt that anyone is that patient.

UglyBirthLock responds:

It really is an hour long though. Everyone I've shown it to has loved the ending.

yeah great

just tell me when it starts and i'll get back to the PC, k?

UglyBirthLock responds:

It's not a matter of when it starts; it's a matter of when it ENDS. And it ends an hour after it starts. So in a sense, when it starts is a matter, especially since it's a matter for when it ends. So really it ends an hour after it starts. But if it starts and doesn't end, that would also matter in the scheme of things. So if it starts and continues on undisturbed for one movie hour (assuming there are no pauses or laggy points between), it ends. That is the matter.