Toytown Tower Defense

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It's one of THOSE tower defense game, only on steroids. It has heroes, power ups, auras and a host of cool features to go along with the awesome graphics.



It was cool, but left me wanting more... it needed more towers. thats it. thats all it needed......yup..

Level 50 is deadly!

I love this game. It's addictive, and never gets boring. I couldn't tell you why, though.


You have fun graphics, addictive game play, and a good concept with energy and a hero. My only complaint is that it gets a bit repetitive and the hero makes it a bit too easy. But you have a solid game on your hands!

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Suprisingly fun!

This game is a decent defend style game and it should offer a challenge for anyone

i only review games i spend alot of time on:D

it was pretty good n fun but i think the mage or other 3 heros sould have dif specals other than each just haveing same everything besides normal. and not enough towers really. and there sould be dif levels. i spant a lil over n hour being mage and didn't win so was happy 2 quit and try new char. but oh was i sad 2 find out pretty much the same:(( and mostly all same enemys once u hit level 10 or so u.ve seen all the enemys basicly so yea but i think u got something great going and i woulda gave it a 10/10 if there were more towers and maybe ur hero's were a bit dif but a good game none the less:D

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3.85 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2007
7:10 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense