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A wave-based shooter game in which you control a mouse cursor and must defend your computer from viruses which fall from the ceiling. Between waves, you can buy more mines and upgrade your range and speed. If you're in trouble, press spacebar to use a special firewall attack.


I love it.

My password is beefbeef1 and i bet nobody will even see this so it dosent realy matter. plus: im an alt : P


except there isn't a menu for the instrutions so maybe add one, other than that teriffic game! - KamiCosmic

this game is way too easy all together.

you should extend the game. because once it gets to be a little fun, it ends... like... OMG!!! its so annoying. but i love the idea! good job. i hope you make a second version of this. remember also, to make it harder. like, more then one at a time... even two is easy. make it so there is a max of five at a time. and maybe even two songs instead of one. BUT!! use the same artist. hes so awesome. use -RadioActive- for the next song. and, add easy, medium, hard, expert, and impossible. k? then i would play this everyday! lol maybe not everyday, but u get my point. i hope i have helped you in some way man.

Not a bad game...

... but at the beginning, it was TOO easy and in the end, it was too hard.
And in the end, my attacks were that fast, they missed the enemies!
But all in all it is a good game.

I liked it...

Eventough you cold add some more graphix i iked it 7/10 - 4/5
Keep on working:D

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3.09 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2007
8:45 AM EST
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