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UPDATE: Waiting for approval for the name to be changed to DevilSlayer V. Why? Because it's completely cannon to the rest of the series and the name "Nightgun" was unnecessary here, especially when next month's Nightgun movie will be completely inconsistent with the story here. Capiche?



Stylish, but with Major Bugs

For all the things I could say that are good and the ones thaat are bad, the bad would seem to outweigh the good. Fortunately, nothing from the multitude of bad things are well beyond repair, and should be cleared up in future episodes of the series.

For the plus side, Nightgun has an interesting urban style, with cool visual effects and decent animation complementing a good Anime/American hybrid of art design. The voice talent is varied and fairly competent at delivering lines. There is a sense of tension and also personality among the various roles, which immediately immserses the audience.

However, Nightgun's plot grows murky, plagued in constant confusion. The brief conversations offer little to clarify things, and the voice talents had to slough through a few awkward phrases (the discussion about height is one example). There's also a lot to swallow within six minutes of airtime, further adding to confusion.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest difficulty of all, is the utter lack of mixing, or mastering, of the audio track. The voices and sound effects often overpower the music, and certain terribly recognizeable sound effects are overplayed during battle sequences. It's hard to stay immersive when you hear the same slashing sound over and over as three separate hits strike the worm creature in the opening fight sequence.

None of the bad stuff will deter the audience, so long as they are remedied. Several hours of experimentation with a program like Audacity--a free sound editing application--should help tone down certain sounds, improve the music's bassline (a suggestion to add dramatic effect), and keep the voice talents from crackling over the recording registers. Adding further polish to the dialogue will also strengthen this series.

Currently, the concept and art style of Nightgun provide solid proof that the authors' faith and devotion are paying off in spades. WIth some added technical precision, and these episodes might just top the charts in the Flash Portal. Keep your fingers crossed.

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JazLyte responds:

Wow, detailed review. Ok, I appreciate the advice, and will work on it in future stuff. Thanks.

This series looks....AWESOME!!!

I can't wait to see the next episode! And this was a very good beginning episode. Here's why:
1) You gave us all of the characters' names
2)We know most of the weapons they use, if you payed attention
3)We now know that they are not humans, the main people, who took on the bug
4) You left us with a cliff-hanger, to make us want to watch more!

Very good, this series is going to KICK ASS!

JazLyte responds:

Thanks! I appreciate it!


didnt understand alot.. the girl kinda looked like rose from full metal at some point.. i noticed there was only 1 white character.... lol hope to see more and also ill be waiting for the next one

JazLyte responds:

Thanks. As for there being only one white dude...You mention FMA so you must watch anime, now you see how I feel. No racism, but when I almost never see my own people in it (or at least not fat, stupid or ugly in it), I felt like I could've done something alittle different.

Excelent start

This was really great, and i can only see it improving this is gonna be an awesome series.

JazLyte responds:

Thanks! Yezzir

Very Professional

Can't say I was overly fond of the ebonics(if that is the correct term). You introduced a lot of stuff in a short amount of time(two brothers, Kya, Angel Gene, demons, mutants).
Still, I will most likely watch future episodes.
I am hoping for more character development, maybe some interpersonal relationships.

JazLyte responds:

There will be, thanks.

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Nov 8, 2007
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