Blockslide 2

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If you REALLY feel like skipping the tutorial levels (not recommended), type "Flamingo" on the title screen.

The long awaited sequel to my first successful game is finally here. After nearly 2 years of work (or lack thereof, I'm a slacker) my massive game is FINALLY done. 150 challenging levels, a simple concept with a lot of depth, a user friendly level editor with many ways to share your creation, and simply DELICIOUS isometric graphics make this puzzle game one of the most addicting games I've ever made. If the game lags for you, switch the quality to low (right-click menu).

The game auto-saves your progress, so feel free to leave and continue later.


SHIFT- Hide/Unhide Blocks
ENTER- "Next Level" on the win level screen
BACKSPACE- Reset Level
Any Key- Close the Description Menu
SPACE- Open the list of blocks (editor only)

Arrows- Move Knight
A- Dynamite
S- Run
D- Push Block

Programming/Music/Level Design/Concept- Glaiel Gamer
3D Art (In-Game Art)- Orb
Menu/HUD Art - The Swain
Sponsorship- Newgrounds

Thanks to everyone who submitted levels for the fan sets, there's 50 levels total so I can't list everyone here, you all got credited in the game though.

BTW, if you want to play server levels or submit levels to the server, play the game on glaielgames.com. For security and bandwidth reasons, I had to lock anything dealing with the database to files on my server. If you've already beaten the tutorial and don't wish to play through it again, use "the code".




a very smart, well developed and simple game..
controls btw are ok.
i need 2 more levels to finish the tutorial, and it looks like there are plenty more to play..
and i don't really think i'm wasting my life, i'm more like "hey, i'm using my brain!" which is not bad, after all.

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get rid of diagonal controls

no one likes them
and the game is boring and not just "oh god another puzzle game" boring, its more "wow im wasting my life playing this" boring

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

you're wasting your life on newgrounds as it is

Diagonal controls make me sad.

'Nuff said.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

If you hold up, he goes up. What's the problem there? Should he go up and to the left when you press up? Or up and to the right? Or DOWN?

In a console game, when you hold up, the character goes forward, depending on the angle of the camera. He'll never go any other direction. Why should it be different here?

The controls aren't "Diagonal". They're "Normal".


the art work and animation was nice, but the game play wasnt to my liking. i think its been done far too many times so i dont really like it.

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Not as good as the first one

The puzzles were really well done, and were as original as the first, but there were a number of game/design problems that were annoying enough to detract from the gameplay.
The movement is done by the arrow keys and moves you in the cardinal directions, but the grid of the game is on a diagonal! Makes it quite frustrating to determine which block you are pointed towards and where you are moving.
The dynamite explosion animation is just barely long enough to be irritating, especially when you have to blow up a number of things in a row. You're stuck and can't move while the explosion is happening, and just have to wait for the graphic to finish looking pretty.
Graphics were nice, but were detailed enough to make for slow play on a computer that isn't running the fastest and newest graphics card or processor.
I liked the new elements, and the game was definitely way more than just a re-hashing of the old Blockslide, but I think it could use a re-design to be more user-friendly.

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3.49 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2007
2:26 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding