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Well here it is. After many hours of hard work, stress, and computer punching we finally came through and finished the collab. I honestly thought this project would be the death of me quite afew things were left out of the main project because we just couldn't use them without mesing everything else up (Yeury's part had lifebars that I had to take out because of some camera problems :'( ). I'd like to thank the animators for an awsome job on the collaberation efforts. We are very happy with our work and hope you enjoy. If you could reccomend to the Mortal Kombat Collab but thats just me being a no good dirty begger (lol). I finally know how hard it is to make collabs. Its not as easy as just cutting and pasting frames, as I thought it would be. Well stop with the reading and get with the watching and reviewing. If we get good reviews there might be another? I think the name "Arch-Nemesis" sounds good for a sequel.

WARNING LONG LOAD TIME! So go and get a drink. The load bar had some issues so you may want to wait one minute. Don't worry it still loads.



DAMNIT, COME ON THAT WAS COOL!!!!!! not just cause i like MK, it was awesome, thumbs up yeury, i liked to watch it again, yurs was best, hands down, keep it up guys

Too-Demonsional responds:

Yeury in my opinion is the next Peroxide.

Pretty good, bad animation.

I liked it. It was a pretty good collab. Too bad there weren't that many people in it. Now, I have to say, most of it has really bad animation. There's barely any good foot placement for the sprites. They're just wandering around. Also, they have Rain and Reptile's fighting stance at the mortalkombatwarehouse. There's no need to edit a sprite to make a fighting stance for them. And always check to make sure your background is in the right place. Most of the animations had some white background sticking out the side. And the animation that was in the street was pretty good, but horrible background. Never maximize any sprite, it makes it look too pixelated. And don't flip a background upside down and putting it on the top of a background. It doesn't look good. I liked the effects in the 2nd animations. And you shouldn't use SF stuff in an MK flash. Only Proxicide could pull that off. He's like, the best sprite animator i've ever seen. Overall, it was pretty good, I liked the drawings of the characters during the credits. And if you guys ever do this again,tell me, i'm a pretty good MK sprite animator and i'd love to join an MK Collab.

Too-Demonsional responds:

I hate the white backgrounds glitch. Its not the first time its happened to me. I didn't know of any SF stuff cause I've never played the game... and if you want to join an MK collab there will be another in the future where yeury and andou1 will return and I will be more picky about my animations. I do not work with sprites all that much so this was a new project for me.


I was looking forward to this, being a big Mortal Kombat fan, and also a maker of MK animations myself, but I thought it'd be better. Some of the parts were just poorly animated. MKW has all the sprites, and some were missing. Some of the backgrounds were out of place. One of them lacked sound, and music. I was thinking about joining this, but I'm not too good with fights, better with fatality animations. My favorite part was Yeury's part, besides the fact that in his the background was flipped upside down, it was excellent. Not very original and too many people spontanisly combusting.


Too-Demonsional responds:

I am a pyro... I AM NOT ASHAMED OF IT!

Very Good!

But I do have some suggestions. To the fight w/ Reptile vs. Rain, I recommend you use the blood sprites at MKW and also, when the fight began, instead of using Paint Bucket to recolor the versus pose, go to Hue/Saturation and change the hue to purple. And one last thing to Trixiaoyu: the reason why the fight SEEMED to be like Proxcide's is because they both tried to make it seem like an epic battle, (and it worked) and that they used their imagination for the sprites. Just thought I'd throw that in. 10/10, keep it up!

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Too-Demonsional responds:

We wanted the blood splatters to look original. Also with Rain I just took Reptile and recolored him in flash after tracing the bitmap due to the fact that there was no cut out of him in MKW.

I gave this submission a vote of "2"

Not only was Yeury's part a copy of Proxicide's fighting style... the other parts were a bit lacking!
You guys can do better... a tip; it is better to be individualistic and creat your own identity, stop imitating others eg. PROXICIDE!

The only part I really enjoyed was the Kitana and Sector part... when she sliced off all their heads I was LAUGHING HARDDDDDDDDD!!

Overall; good effort everybody, I know y'all put a lot of effort into this.
Just work on the story a bit more eh!

Too-Demonsional responds:

Actually I didn't like peroxide's because I feel that MK would win every time and was to one sided in SF. This was my first real try at sprite movies and wanted something uique. I never seen a MK collab so I decided one would be fun to do. I respect Peroxides work but we wouldn't model our flash's after his.

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Nov 7, 2007
1:53 AM EST
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