Quasimodo's Quasi Advice

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Who loves washed-up Disney characters? I sure do! The one and only Hunchback Of Notre Dame has finally returned after a long absence to inform you kids out there about the true meanings of life.

Did somebody say Easter Eggs!? You betcha'! Stay tuned after the credits for the mother of all anachronisms!


Pathetic and gross

Any airship with an insulting message like that on its side ought not to be left to fly freely about the sky. The ranger was right to shoot it down. Yeah, go ahead. Say my review is useless, but I still stand by my opinion.

von-Brunk responds:

What, is your mom actually a slut or something? I mean, if that's the case, I could see how one would find that offensive. Damn, I thought the whole Homo-Nazi tailfin thing would do it for most folks, but unfortunately I underestimated your minor Oedipus Complex.

If you didn't draw well, the score would be lower

von Brunk, you tend to be a bit hit and miss, and this one is definatley a miss. not only could I neither understand what was going on nor what anyone was saying, but the random elements of the movie were not even funny.

I like most of your work, but you need to spend more time being funny and less time trying to be funny. Don't force the jokes, improve your audio, and don't use swasticas unless you really, really have a good reason to. This is not 1945; nazi jokes are difficult to pull off.

I don't get it

Seriously, what was the movie about?

von-Brunk responds:

It's a metaphor for global warming and Iraq and stuff. Sure, why not.

Quasimodo was not a hobo!

Quasimodo was ugly becouse he was a cripple and not becouse any other reason, and he was a guard, not a stinky hobo. So, he has nothing to do with the stuff in your fash. If the Disney made him like this, than it's the Disneys fault too, but it's stupid anyway. And, like the others said, it's very hard to understand a single word form what he says. The only positive side of this is that it's well drawn, but that's not enough.


bologna! hehehehehehe....oh god if i were him id kill myself

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Nov 6, 2007
8:40 PM EST
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