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Who loves washed-up Disney characters? I sure do! The one and only Hunchback Of Notre Dame has finally returned after a long absence to inform you kids out there about the true meanings of life.

Did somebody say Easter Eggs!? You betcha'! Stay tuned after the credits for the mother of all anachronisms!


The animation was good and it was random and funny

I loved the nazi blimp lol, and balogna. SANCTUARY

it wuz okay...

Pretty funny if you could understand the audio... otherwise I would say put a pice of cloth in front of the microphone to block out the air blowing into it and eliminate most background noise like you see those guys on the radio do. LAWL Nazis love balogna

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the usual

Nice sound quality, and the visuals aren't half bad. Animation was a bit limited but it didn't really show. Pretty much front page material because not much else has come out lately to compare. The portal seems to get a bit dimmer each day with cartoons simply labeled "Blam this".

The only thing that throws me off is the message you're trying to get to. This was obviously satire, to bring how ludicrous some of the "random comedy" we are subjected to daily to the attention of the viewer. But most of your cartoons seem to be about the same... and what's worse is that nobody seemed to pick up the fact that this was satire.

It is true that random comedy seems to be an excuse for writers to just vomit ideas onto a page and claim its funny, but the sad truth is that we've become so accustomed to watching awful random jokes that even satire like this just seems to fit the mold, and nobody gets the message behind it.

If you want to reach the masses, put your obvious skills towards making the new fad of writing, and finally kill the idiocy that is random humor.

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unclear voices

but the massage is somewhat clear

The end was the best bit imo.

The drawings were good, but I wasn't keen on the cut-out-style of animation.

I liked the VH1 logo.

Though it was a struggle to understand what was being said, Quasi's voice had real character.

The ending really made me chuckle - nice absurdity.

I felt the whole start (the studio section) could have been better and the hick's voice shoiuld have maybe been a bit less like Quasi's. More understandable and expressive maybe?

Still, a decent watch.

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4.01 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2007
8:40 PM EST
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