Quasimodo's Quasi Advice

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Who loves washed-up Disney characters? I sure do! The one and only Hunchback Of Notre Dame has finally returned after a long absence to inform you kids out there about the true meanings of life.

Did somebody say Easter Eggs!? You betcha'! Stay tuned after the credits for the mother of all anachronisms!



I never know what to put in the title field... Anyway, the art was great, the humor was great, albeit a tad random (a Nazi popping out of a bush with bologna is random, deal with it). The animation wasn't anything special, but that's not the point here, but the audio was probably the most lacking part. It's audible, but just barely so you really have to turn up the volume to actually hear what he's saying. You should consider either adding subtitles or making the audio a little bit clearer.
A good flash overall though, nice job!

yo zentron

you dont know what a crappy flash is you freakin noob, you have one blam and one save so the only thing you ever even view is the front page,click the flash portal every now and then.

The movie was just great, I dont kno what else to say really good art by my standards and definetly good art compared to other flash movies, a little bit to random which strikes me as odd because in your blog you say you dont like family guy because its to random , and you say you dont like random flashes, anyways still good job. 5/5


This is probably your weirdest submission yet. Keep it up!

I liked it!

You did a good job!


Why the hell is all this crap getting on the front page?
It was totally random and not even funny.
The art was ok, but the animation was a little limited.
Overall it was pretty bad in my opinion, maybe your next flash is more funny.

von-Brunk responds:

From what I gathered, you guys seem to eat up all of that "random" crap. I know, how about next time I import a jpg of Quasimodo, draw a clock on his forehead, and have him motion tweened back in forth while spouting "BBBBBB!!!"

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4.01 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2007
8:40 PM EST
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