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Raptek Arena

rated 3.76 / 5 stars
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Nov 6, 2007 | 8:15 PM EST

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Author Comments

Remember to come and check the new version on the new submission! /portal/view/410667
I've worked a lot on this game, trying to follow all your suggestions, and decided the game was changed so much it was worth resubmitting.
You can find the latest version here: /portal/view/410667
It is called "Raptek Arena Reloaded" and really I see it almost like a different game... or at least a second version...
Here is a list of what you'll find in the new version:
- Added SAVE!!!
- Highscores divided between Story mode and Survival Mode
- It is now a little easier to make combos (increased time)
- The longest combo increases the final score
- Combos are worth more in XP
- Removed point limit for survival mode
- Increased Shields Resistance
- Modified prices in shop (many things now cost a little less)
- Special Abilities now cost 1 skill point, just as the rest!
- Cleric has no longer healing skill... it has now a special ability called "Holy Might" Which gives him combat abilities like half a potion of strength, half a potion of haste, and a slight HP regeneration. Increasing this ability power increases its duration, not its power.
- Monster AI a Little Better
- Now it is a little longer (12 levels), so you can earn more money and more px before getting to fight the final boss
- Overall difficulty recalibrated
- The shield is now TOGGLED (one keypress to use it, one keypress to remove it)
- NEW DRAWINGS from the same amazing artist!
- Now you can hold up to 5 objects and You can use buttons 1-5 to use objects
- Better collisions with monsters

Come and play the new version here: /portal/view/410667
I will discontinue this, and eventually ask Tom to delete it (if it's possible)

For all who voted/posted/wrote me, I have only one thing to say: thanks :)



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Needs some changes

This game was GREAT! but nees a few things.
For instance
--if the warriors and clercics sheild runs ocmpletely useless and die, and IMPOSSIBLE to beat the mage with them.
--Clerics use 1h blunt weapon *like the picture* why is he using a sword? what the point of him if he doesnt use a bw ...being his healing skill suks! Needs to beable to heal more hp and use BW not swords!
--Archers are awsome...REALY good...mkes other classes pointlss unless you want a challange!
--Mage kinda..isnt that great =\
--The mage boss is wicked hard. T_T if you get to solo him it would be better, or ALOT less enemys ._. or maby only warrior spawns not archers >_<

-- and the main problem...the frigan controlls are HORRIBLE shift and crt and wasd? sure you can press them kinda fine. but if you press like crt while moving right and accidently hit the F key it makes you try to add the page to favotires. not to mention aperently a key combo that just immediaty closes IE! WHY make it ctr and shift >_< way to many button combos with them if your using wasd. and the little A you can press to attack? thats...comepletly ._. useless >_> lol

Just fix the controlls *or make it were you can make a custom key config* and fix the mage boss,warrior and page and this game would be awsome.


Kelemas responds:

Like for everyone else: thanks for the suggestions!
Regarding the difficulties with various classes, it depends on gamestyle. During testing, the greatest class resulted the mage... if correctly powered up. Let's give him some more chances :)
If cleric and warrior run out of shield... it's game over, but the challenge is also in making the shield last as long as possible!
Here is an hint for the Mage Boss using the Warrior: try to make the lackeys line up, then destroy them with a well aimed charge. Then wait for the skill points to replenish and, shield up, charge the mage. When he is shielded (green thing around him) run away, because your attacks are not effective on him!
As for the controls: i didn't noticed the Hot Key combination during gameplay... The game is supposed to block all of them. which browser are you using?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a rather enjoyable game. The archer is surely overpowered though, well not overpowered just by far the easiest (possibly too easy) to use. The cleric is definitely underpowered. His heal only heals 5 points and takes a rather long bit of time to recharge. 5 points goes by in a second without a shield. So yeah, great game just wish the Cleric was more useful.

Kelemas responds:

Clering healing will be powered up very soon!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work

Awesome game youve made. youve almost nailed the difficulty level. nice and challening.

The classes will need some balancing, The archer is overpowered as his hit and run works very well. The warrior is awesome with his shield but he cant seem to kill the mage boss. the mage is good but a bit too weak and flimsy. and the cleric's healing is way underpowered.

I advice you make the mage boss easier with the warrior, give him something to be able to tackle him.

CHANGE: Make the mages skills do LESS damage to SHIELDS. this way warriors and clerics stand a better chance, and it doesnt make it easier for archers/mages PLEASE

Give the cleric a better special recharge at the basic stats to make him more useful.

And like someone else said tell us where the spawn points are. my archer died because he was circling and shooting only to get enemies spawned besides him and stabbed.

Also the cowardly flanking with the archer is too effective :p check the highscores, poor clerics

But overall an awesome game, well done

and for those of you that say the game is hard try *SPOILERS*

Either get a warrior:
and put everything in strength, use the shield and rush into every enemy, the shield should hopefully last until the end of the second round at which point you have 15g to buy another shield. just use your money to buy shields and make sure you face all your enemies.

Or get a archer, put 2 points in attack speed and 1 points in movement speed. and just run away from your enemies whislt shooting them. if you keep running the arrows should miss and the melee enemies should not be able to reach you.
Use all your points in run speed when you level up and you should keep outrunning damage.

For the mage boss, use the archer with the same technique, if you can kill the mage boss with a warrior or cleric then your better then me and everyone on the highscore board



Apologies for blabbing on

People find this review helpful!
Kelemas responds:

i won't call this "babbling". I'd use the word: "constructive criticism" :)
As for other suggestions, I'll consider some of them for implementing right away, like the mages doing less damage to shield, and powering up the cleric healing. (consider it done!)
Some other issues needs more thought (and coding!) But I'll consider them too. The difference in difficulties with the classes is there to add some challenge to the game.
I'd say that the warrior is the easiest, but of course it depends on gamestyle. (Running round with the archer is certainly a good technique but I prefer to face the enemy!)
Thank you!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


great concept, and i love how you made up the storyline. It was quite simple, and i would've loved more upgrades; but it was good. For a first submission to NG, you have done extremely well! Lemme enjoy this a while more while i'm still top of the high score table xD

Kelemas responds:

Thank you... and goog luck for the highscore!!!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

good game

but it was way too difficult to even get past the first level, i tried at least 5 times with all different classes an still didnt work. having more health or maybe puttin less guys out at first would make it easier but it just seemed way to hard

Kelemas responds:

Try with the Warrior, putting all the three points to attack strength, and be sure to keep SHIFT pressed to use the shield. It will automatically absorb all the damage you take from the front, but will eventually break. With shield up, get as close as the enemies as possible, to maximize damage and kill the low level ones with one, max two attacks. Try to be quick at killing them before they attack you, and the shield will last a couple of stages.
Finally: as soon as the game starts, activate the Auto Use button (the "A" near inventory). This way if you pick up something you'll use it automatically.

Good Luck!